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Discussion in 'Alternative Treatments and Research' started by Mike Blundell, Nov 11, 2013.

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      Hi all.

      I would be interested to know if anyone else out there uses yoga, meditation or reiki as a mechanism to reduce stress and as a consequence, reduce ones awareness that tinnitus exists within us.

      Such disciplines may not be the way to go for some, but for me it certainly helps. The key thing is to keep focused and regluary adopt such practices, always the hardest thing to do when there are so many things to juggle in life.

      During my initial days of reiki (post L1 attunement for those who know), I kept a diary on how such techniques improved the way I managed things, including tinnitus. I attatch a link to my blog site (Day 3 refers to an extract to an alternative way of looking at tinnitus) and may be of interest:

      July | 2013 | infinitybeckons | Page 2

      The diary was over a 30 day period, if anyone has any trouble sleeping due to tinnitus, read all 30 days that's sure to send you off into the land of nod :)

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      @Mike Blundell:

      I practice yoga once a week and I do find it helpful in enabling me to relax. I can't say for certain, but it seems to me that the calming effects last for hours afterward. If I had more time, I would do this every day.

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      I practice yoga exercises every morning before i go to work, and every evening before i go sleep. Usually takes me about 15 min for one exercise but after exercise my circulation is much better and i felt many times that is good for reducing my tinnitus. Before you go sleep is good because you activate circulation and your hearing would revealed much more when you wake up next morning. I'm planing to post this week all exercises which I use in pdf scan so anyone can try it (y)
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      Thanks for this post! Look forward to your pdf, @freaks. And thanks for the video, @Sherri. I think these things can be beneficial for our whole selves, not just the tinnitus part.

      I was doing yoga several times a week (but floundering around, because I was a newbie) and meditation daily when I was first trying to deal with my tinnitus. But alas, after a few months, my duties at work started ramping back up as they were cutting me less slack, plus I was less motivated as my anxiety subsided. So I got out of these good habits. My goal is to start making them part of my daily life again. These things, like exercise, take discipline and regular practice for them to work.

      Another thing I enjoyed: guided walking meditations. You can download them on your iPhone/iPod and then play them as you walk. I actually still do these.

      One problem I had with yoga: the studio I was going to was very quiet. So I found my tinnitus noise very distracting. I have signed up, however, for a beginners yoga class that starts in January.
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      Hello! Are you already attending classes and how are they going?:)
    8. Catarina
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      Thanks for this post, video and link. I would definitely recommend yoga, it's good for both body and soul. Haven't done plough in a while, but will now. Lately I've also started doing yoga breathing, it's rather boring but I think it's worthwhile. Though the bhramari pranayama breathing (where you hum like a bee) actually scares my cat! :nailbiting:;)
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