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Apr 7, 2016
Feb 9, 2016
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Daniel zarate

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I just got diagnosed with Otosclerosis and that is the cause of my t ! Does someone have this ? And would surgery help the. T? Apr 7, 2016

Daniel zarate was last seen:
Apr 7, 2016
    1. GregCA
      I have it. Did the surgery (stapedotomy) 5 wks ago. My T didn't go away (it mutated). I'm still recovering though (it's a loooong recovery - 4 to 6 months to peak hearing so patience it key). The lower your T frequency, the higher the chance that surgery can get rid of it.
    2. Daniel zarate
      Daniel zarate
      I just got diagnosed with Otosclerosis and that is the cause of my t ! Does someone have this ? And would surgery help the. T?
      1. Dana
        Ask Danny Boy. He was talking on the chat box about two days ago about something that was proven to help with otosclerosis. Because I was not interested in the subject of otosclerosis I haven'T memorized the drug. Was it NAC, ACC, Taurine, L-carnitine? One of them, I do not remember which one. Ask him.
        Apr 7, 2016
    3. Daniel zarate
      Daniel zarate
      Well ,I have Otosclerosis my options are,surgery,hearing aid or do nothing! I don't know what to do? Does anybody here have this condition?
    4. Daniel zarate
      Daniel zarate
      Thinking about taking some antiaxiety pills since this hissing in my right ear it is so loud , who has tried this, and does help?
      1. jeannie
        I take Xanax and sometimes it calms me down.
        Feb 19, 2016
      2. Blackbird26
        Yes. I take clonazepam
        Feb 19, 2016
    5. Daniel zarate
      Daniel zarate
      Hi everyone ! I am new into this , I have been having tinnitus for almost 2 months and it is so depressing What treatment works the best?
      1. just1morething
        That's not a dumb question, but I tend to give dumb answers. Trial and error, mostly error.:-(
        Feb 9, 2016
      2. Zorro!
        What treatment works best? In the immortal words of Edina Monsoon: "Booze darling, booze."
        Feb 9, 2016
      3. tyty
        actually booze makes my louder.....and I love my weekend Moscow Mules :( So I drink it anyway and stay up all night listening to the hissing in my right ear....but it's a trade out.
        Feb 9, 2016
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