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Hough Ear InstituteTinnitus Talk spoke with the Hough Ear Institute, a non-profit research organization that focusses on restoring hearing. They are working on two hearing regeneration treatments that could very well have benefits for tinnitus sufferers.

In this episode, we spoke with Dr. Richard Kopke and Justin DeMoss. They explain the mechanisms behind their treatments and how hearing restoration can be achieved. They take us through the different phases of research and development required to get new drugs to market, and some of the challenges faced along the way. Of course, we also touch on the topic of whether restoring hearing could cure tinnitus.

The episode includes an announcement about an exciting new partnership with pharmaceutical company Oblato to take Hough’s hearing loss pill through the next phases of clinical trial and assess its potential for tinnitus.

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Skip to: 00:00 Introduction to Hough and its work.

Our vision is that all who have ears will hear.

Skip to: 10:20 Personal experiences with tinnitus and how it can affect people.

Skip to: 13:26 Outline of Hough’s two treatments under development and current stage of research.

Skip to: 20:54 Will treatments benefit tinnitus and/or hyperacusis?

The pre-clinical data for tinnitus are pretty strong and reproducible […] We see a number of biomarkers associated with tinnitus that are normalized.

Skip to: 23:38 Why is animal testing necessary?

Skip to: 25:45 Funding and partnerships.

Skip to: 40:39 What can tinnitus patients do to help?

What people who suffer from tinnitus can do is to increase their knowledge of the scientific research that’s being done versus the popular fads that don’t have science behind them.

Skip to: 48:48 Rough timelines for bringing treatments to market.

Skip to: 51:20 In-depth explanation of hearing loss pill.

This combination product can actually robustly prevent the ongoing accumulation of the neurotoxic tau protein that can be a consequence of noise or blast exposure.

Skip to: 01:02:02 In-depth explanation of injection treatment.

Skip to: 01:09:25 Does restoring hearing cure tinnitus?

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Comments (13)
  1. Will these possible treatments help pulsatile tinnitus? I hear my heartbeat, like a drum, 24/7. Doctors have not found a cause as yet. Don’t know if it’s vascular or otherwise. Have had it for 7 years now. I also have the ringing kind of tinnitus.

  2. I would like to join & donate but cannot find how to pay so can I get some help with this.

    Thanks much & I will look for a reply to my e-mail.


  3. I’m very optimistic about this research.

    The podcast was very informative and gave me hope for a tinnitus treatment or cure. The hair regeneration technology gives great hope for all those with hearing loss. It just can’t happen fast enough.


    • I am from Thailand. I have hearing loss in high frequencies in my left ear. This thing makes me panic and disturbs my daily routine. Please help me with this symptom. I need my life back. The noise in the ear is so loud. My hearing is getting worse. Panic attacks as well. Hope the researchers find the cure of hearing loss very soon.

      Best regards,

  4. I will listen to it again later but because I am 100% profound dead in both ears and only hear with a cochlear implant and hearing aid, I have trouble hearing any words that are not clear enough. I do have tinnitus even when I am deaf without my hearing aid that sticks to the side of my head with a magnet.

    It would be better for me if I could read her lips as she talks.
    Bobby C.

    • Hi Bobby, we will be publishing a transcript very soon! Please check here again in a few days and click the download icon at the right-hand side of the player. Hope that helps 🙂

  5. I am a HS teacher and developed tinnitus about a year ago from noise trauma. Horrible horrible affliction… It has taken the joy of teaching and life from me. I would like to be in the clinical trials if possible. Please don’t stop researching.

  6. After listening to this podcast, I tried taking high doses of vitamin C (1000mg) daily, and I have noticed a reduction with the ringing in my ears. I have had tinnitus for 28 years. Looking forward to the release of this pill.

  7. I developed tinnitus 3 months ago. It’s like a static sound in my ear every time I swallow, yawn and talk. No doctor or specialist knows anything in Australia about this problem and can’t help with this crippling condition.

    I don’t have hearing loss.

    If this treatment becomes successful, will it work only on recent, acute tinnitus, or also for those who have had tinnitus longer?

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