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Neuromod Lenire Tinnitus TreatmentIt’s been the talk of the town on the Tinnitus Talk forum for the past few months: the launch of Neuromod’s Lenire treatment for tinnitus. We got a chance to sit down with their CEO Dr. Ross O’Neill and ask him everything (well, nearly) you want to know about this device.

It’s an extra-long episode, because so many questions were raised on our forum about Lenire – the thread has been viewed over half a million times – that we felt we needed to do our best to gather as many answers as possible.

In the episode, Hazel and Ross talk about the basic principles of the treatment, its effectiveness, and risks. We also covered clinical trial results and go in-depth on what the treatment actually looks like. We clarify whom Lenire is suitable for, and Ross makes some projections about future roll-out of the device.

Skip to: 00:00 Lenire’s history and why we’re conducting this interview.

Skip to: 05:34 Launching a medical device; proving safety and efficacy.

Skip to: 10:02 Communication with patients and general public.

Skip to: 19:11 Partners of Neuromod.

Skip to: 23:11 Basic principles of the treatment.

Skip to: 31:57 Lenire versus other bimodal stimulation devices.

Skip to: 34:36 Effectivenesss, clinical trials and placebo.

Skip to: 49:04 For whom does it work?

Skip to: 01:00:55 Risks and side-effects.

Skip to: 01:04:31 Clinical trial publication.

Skip to: 01:14:31 Feedback from current users, post-market follow-up.

Skip to: 01:17:41 Treatment protocol.

Skip to: 01:25:13 For whom is it NOT suitable?

Skip to: 01:31:13 Headphone sounds/experience.

Skip to: 01:34:41 Treatment frequency and compliancy.

Skip to: 01:40:48 Future refinements/improvements to Lenire.

Skip to: 01:42:23 Availability & accessibility.

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  1. RE: Neuromod’s Lenire Treatment for Tinnitus

    Is this medical device available in Ireland? If so, how much? Can someone, living in USA, purchase this device from Ireland?

  2. I’ve been hearing sounds since the 6th grade (10 years old), especially when I sleep. A sound like what you hear if you hold a sea shell up to your ear. Through time it’s developed into a high frequency sound, almost a pure tone at the third octave above middle C note on the piano. However sometimes it can be a clicking or it can be a very loud in my right ear only. Feels like I’m deaf on the left side. Thankfully this only last 10-15 sec but can be distracting when driving.

    The first time that happened I have to pull over since I thought I was having a stroke.

    I told you that so I can ask my question: If there is a fan or air conditioner running somewhere near by (usually in a different room) I hear a conversation or several. The first time this happened I thought I was dreaming, losing my mind or going crazy. I had to get up and turn off a fan in the living room and the conversation stopped. Turned back on it started again. Is this the brain combining the tinnitus with the fan noise to generate a meaning full communications? Even though it’s malformed I can make out some words or at least pieces of words. I am 71 years old at this time.

    Thanks for taking time to read this.

  3. I have been suffering from tinnitus already for a decade, it is very expensive to keep taking medicines, vitamins, etc. I also spent $5000 on a device that I used for one year and it didn’t work. I would love to know how effective and how much Lenire costs whenever it gets to Miami.

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