+10 Years of Hyperacusis/Tinnitus: Life Isn't Over Even If It Doesn't Go Away

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Trisoloran, Dec 1, 2020.

    1. Trisoloran

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      Right to the point, I've had hyperacusis and tinnitus for 13 years. And I'm only 32!

      So yes, that's the vast majority of my adult life. And to anyone who was young when they started suffering, a couple of things;

      1. Life isn't over: I've still traveled on planes, gone to movie theaters, visited major amusement parks.

      2. It doesn't go away: You will have good times and bad times. During the good you will largely live life like you always did and during the bad you focus on the knowledge of how far you've come. Flexibility is a name of the game. I'll admit to dwelling on what was lost at times, to the determent of my own well being. Never helped. Your true family and friends will always stick by you, no matter if you may skip out on old activities one in a while. And quiet activities are better than ever! I remember when streaming services added subtitles AS A BONUS FEATURE lol. Now everything has subtitles!
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      Concert + Motorbike

      Thank you for the positive story. I'm 5 months into hyperacusis only and I'm a mess.

      How bad is your hyperacusis if you don't mind me asking?

    3. Aaron91
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      Loud music/headphones/concerts
      Thanks for sharing your story, although I'm somewhat surprised you're able to go to the movie theatre and amusement parks with hyperacusis, even a mild form. Are you wearing ear defenders at these venues?
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