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Discussion in 'Support' started by Discovery1, Mar 14, 2015.

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      This morning I woke up with an extremely annoying thought about my life and this constant ringing. I truly asked myself if I will be able to handle this intrusion of my right to silence and constantly ignore the sound for a lifetime. And at first, the answer was no!

      So I sat down and really focused on myself and my thoughts because that answer I gave myself is extremely discouraging, but somehow feels natural at the same time, it's hard to explain why in a logical manner. You really need to have T to understand what I mean here.

      Then I sourced the original thought that triggered this feeling and it is the following : "I have read on valid websites that tinnitus, if long-standing and present for more than a year and a half may not be eliminated completely, even with the future therapies that are on the way, and so this would mean a reduced but still present sound pretty much for a lifetime! I don't think I can handle a life like this then."

      But then something happened. I remembered reading about at least two case reports from patients who had their longstanding T resolved as a result of an unrelated medical procedure. And not to mention the promising potential of Autifony, and the promise of a true cure for T in a couple of years. Let's remember that at the moment there are no conclusions on the effects of treatment for T yet. With all of this on our side, there is ABSOLUTELY a solid reason to believe that humanity can solve this puzzle for good given sufficient time.

      So I am committed to live a better life today, and a better life tomorrow as there is TRUE hope on the horizon for making T part of the past.
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      Really don't know
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      mid seventies
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      Interesting link, thanks for sharing

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