Aluminium poisoning (antiperspirants)

Discussion in 'Support' started by Neenie, Jan 18, 2014.

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      Just a wild theory. I was wondering if tinnitus could be the result of the artificial things that we have in our lives, such as artificial sweeteners, hair products, soaps, medications, additives and a whole heap more. Anyway, if you're bored have a read of this about Aluminum. I think it's unlikely but even so maybe it's better for everyone to reduce the amount of products that deviate from nature. And then we can all be stinky and sweaty together!
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      You know, many natural products dont also test on animals so its a good idea anyway:)
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      When I eliminate wheat and sugar and dairy from my diet, not only do I feel great, but I have no underarm odor. I think I need to get back on track....
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      Myofascial Trigger Points
      I just decided today to stop using aluminum antiperspirant which was a liquid roll on type. I think I'll go back to my old press on one once I check what was in it, or just go without because I'm normally in AC and might not need it. Another alternative is using deodorant instead of antiperspirant. Antiperspirant stops sweating and it is also the one with aluminum. Also, maybe sweating will be good for you to clear out your system. Deodorant is like a smell, maybe including perfume etc.
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      Its funny that you bring this up.

      I have stated it before in a few threads, but one week after I stopped using antiperspirants containing aluminium, there was a host of neurological symptoms appearing. I dont believe that this is the cause of my T and all the other stuff that has been going on, as it seems related to my neck, but its definitely something I will have in the back of my head.
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      Eat real organic foods. Processed is full of chemicals to enhance flavor that the human body is not meant to consume. Edible does not mean healthy.
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      Hmmm...being stinky and sweaty people or my tinnitus....I'll take my tinnitus!

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