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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Andy, Oct 13, 2012.

    1. Andy

      Andy Member

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      Sept 2012
      Hi there everyone let me reintroduce myself
      I am 54 and live in scotland
      This all started 3 weeks ago after a ear infection have not been seen by any ENT DRs but have been referred
      Gp was no use
      Always had a noise but now after a meal out it has increased greatly the same a other posts but its now at the level that I can t take it to say I am stressed is a understatement I am in my bed earphones on crying deeply knowing there is no end to this and can t sleep can t do anything You's are all brave people but I just can t do this
      The only thing Shona wanted was me and only thing I ever wanted was shona and without my life with her there's nothing this is so lonely following to peaces I just can t shake this feeling I was struggling at first as some of you know but now I am almost at the bottom why has so little been done about this condion it can drive you mad
      I work in theatre an have seem a lot of Truman but this is a 10 This post is not a happy one but if you can take heart form it please do
    2. okrosie

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      oh andy, im sorry ur feelin so low, cryin gettin stressed makes it worse, ive had no help neither, i put up wiv this for 7 yrs its only now beein on here this site that im gettin help, we r not on our own, i dont no how ive coped this long, i sleep wen im tried, could u not got swimmin or book in for relaxin massage, all i no wen i have a row my head feels like its about to explode, at wrk i have so much stress its there, i love goin sleep but hate wakin up, i have more headaches, i take too many pills now, so please try relax
    3. AUTHOR

      Andy Member

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      Sept 2012
      Thanks Rosie I am down but not out this is what this site are all about it may repeat a bit but its still a great help it all ways better put your hand out to give that to take a way take care!
    4. Peg

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      7 months ago
      Andy. Having T is very tough. Ive had mine since the spring time. Its high pitched. In both ears and can be maddening at times. Thr thing I know is that we cant let it get the best of us. There ate great people on here. Try listening to music with heafphones whrn you go to sleep. I knoe for me. When I get overtired its worse. Its all a cycle. Try the Universal Sound Therapy website. I havent bern doing it long enough. But they say the white noise may help. You can do it. Stay strong
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    5. okrosie

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      hi peg ur so right there it is maddening at times, i lost the plot 2 weeks ago i couldn't take it that i smashed my flat up, i look up Universal Sound Therapy website. see if there anythin that helps
    6. carlover

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      Hi Peg,forgive me ,but Universal Sound Therapy ,well it is nothing to do with White Noise.

      Its a therapy in its own right,white noise is just a masker.

      All the best ,Pete
    7. erik

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      Washington State, USA
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      04/15/2012 or earlier?
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      Most likely hearing loss
      Unfortunately, I have never really had any luck with sound therapies. I do use a white noise machine sometimes but usually I don't do any sounds my T tries to compete and always wins. I do, however, listen to audio books on my phone using the audible app and that is great and helps you forget about T as you get lost in the story....

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