Audio Brainwave (Isochronic Tone / Binaural Beats)

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      I get emails from the Unexplainable Store regularly. The one for today read: The Mood Cure: Serotonin. Well, I checked it out and it looked appealing. I then moved about on the site and the tinnitus page came up. I did not look for it. Weird!

      This site suggests: You can enjoy a ringing free ear in as little as 5mins.

      Well, anybody want to listen to the free sample over and over for 5 minutes and see what happens?! :)

      Seriously... anyone try this?

      I am not a binaural beat person, but the isochronic tone version may be more to my liking. If I try it, I will let you know. I am going back to the UST for tinnitus for a bit again after a year or so break.

      ps... haven't been around. Been busy.... and to tell you the truth, coming here only focuses on my T more. I now only notice the T maybe once or twice a day - for about a minute. If longer, I purposelessly distract my attention away from the tone. Coming here has the opposite affect. Love you guys though!!!
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      I had a go with the sample and it did nothing for me.

      I wonder if they sell much? That's a nice high price they ask.

      Really for tinnitus they should be using alpha frequencies as that's where we generally have a dip in our brainwave patterns. And the other sounds aren't really very nice - to my ears anyway.

      Seems more like an attempt to cash in, rather than something that's actually been thought out and properly designed.
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      Well it looks like they claim their products help lots of things.

      A scammy panacea product comes to mind. Similar to the Universal Sound Therapy.

      Enough said...

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