BBC Radio Documentary on Tinnitus and Hearing Loss Broadcast Today

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      The BBC World Service radio broadcast this documentary today. This was the synopsis:

      Hearing me

      What does life sound like for someone with tinnitus? Carly Sygrove is a British teacher living in Madrid. She was sitting in her school’s auditorium when suddenly her head was filled with a loud screeching sound.

      Diagnosed as sudden sensorineural hearing loss, Carly no longer has any functional hearing in her left ear, and battles with the whoops, squeals and ringing that comes from having tinnitus. This dramatically changed her work and personal life, as well as her ability to communicate in a country thousands of kilometres from where she was born.

      It made Carly realise how fragile our bodies are - and how wonderful sounds can be.

      In this intimate programme for the BBC World Service, Carly shares her personal story and speaks honestly about how life with hearing in only one ear is far from quiet.​
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