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      Cochlear Hydrops??? ENT doc thinks
      My ENT specialist in Melbourne Australia says I have Cochlear Hydrops. I had all the wonderful tests prior. Anyway he has put me on Serc for 3 months
      Also put me on diuretic tablets to get rid of salt and fluid from my body in this case the cochlear area Anyway I took it for 4 days and have never felt so ill in my life. Dizzy weak as a kitten couldn’t walk up one flight of stairs without collapsing plus my blood pressure dropped very low. These are used for high blood pressure also
      I called him at his private number on a weekend and told him my symptoms and he said stop taking the diuretic I feel better now
      Right now I have a bad head cold lots of blowing nose and feel my tinnitus is more annoying. I’m trying to hard to habituate like ignore it. I feel like giving it a slap. Has anyone felt their T was a little more annoying when they had a cold
      Thank you for reading. God bless you all
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      Here's my experience so far with Betahistine:

      I developed tinnitus Jan 18. I had been taking Telmisartan for 3 months for a cardiac issue and blood pressure control. The entire time I was on this med, I had hyperacusis and balance issues. The balance issues I don't think were from my blood pressure being too low, but from direct effects on my inner ear and the vestibular system. At one point, I developed a viral infection that ravaged both ears (lots of inflammation, fluid, and clogged eustachian tubes). Tinnitus started then, and I found that my blood pressure actually increased the more Telmisartan I took (plus my tinnitus and balance issues got worse). I was taken off the Telmisartan, but the tinnitus didn't resolve. Skip forward a year and a half - my tinnitus is still there, although some days not as bad as it was, but is still a major pain and causes sleep issues. I still have occasional ear issues - some days fullness, mild discomfort or pain, etc. I was restarted on a baby dose of another angiotensin blocker for blood pressure, and within a few days I was having disturbing pain deep in my ears, and the familiar feeling of disturbed balance.
      After thinking through, and doing a bit of research, I decided to re-try taking betahistine. So far, after just a couple of doses, the pain in my ears has receded considerably and tinnitus is significantly lower, along with a resolution of the balance issues. Only downside is that the betahistine makes me feel quite antsy and gave me a bit of a headache during sleep. Hopefully that goes away.
      Note that my tinnitus arose from a very different cause than most here who have it from acoustic trauma.
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