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      The British Tinnitus Association (BTA) is delighted to announce the publication of the first edition of the new Annual Tinnitus Research Review.

      The BTA is very keen to promote research into tinnitus, and funded over £576,000 of projects in 2015/16, equating to 53% of its annual spend.

      In the Tinnitus Research Review, the first of an annual series, the BTA have invited experts in tinnitus to review relevant research published in 2015, with the aim of summarising the highest quality and most relevant papers, giving both professional and lay readers an overview of the themes and developments in the field.

      The hope is that this will encourage and inform busy clinicians dealing with people with troublesome tinnitus on a daily basis. We hope this will inspire further research to be undertaken, building upon the new knowledge.

      Each contributor has taken a specific theme in research to review, and the intention is to have an in depth consideration of the new knowledge regarding tinnitus, and where that takes us in understanding and developing new and effective treatments.

      Dr David Baguley, Professor in Hearing Sciences at the University of Nottingham and Deputy Director at NIHR Nottingham Hearing Biomedical Research Unit, who co-edited the review commented: “If the understanding and treatment of tinnitus is to improve, a vibrant and innovative field of research is needed, exploring new insights into mechanisms of tinnitus, associated impact, and interventions that both reduce tinnitus perception and the associated distress”. Dr Baguley also said: “The Annual Research Review is a very welcome development. It is an indication that there is a substantial body of research into tinnitus: but also that the BTA takes its responsibility to broadcast new information about tinnitus very seriously. I was honoured to be asked to edit the first edition with Nic Wray from the BTA and hope it will be of interest to patients, clinicians, and researchers alike”.

      The Annual Tinnitus Research Review is downloadable as a PDF from this page and is also available as a printed copy from the BTA office upon request.

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    2. Moha94

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      What were the advances in research for 2016?
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      AM-101 Auris Medical ear injection drug trial failed miserably and now they are trying to pull a Hail Mary by enrolling more people and extending the trial by one more year.

      That Greek doctor (Tzounopoulos?) continues to stubbornly work on the epilepsy drugs for tinnitus. Single minded individual. In 2058 he will have the aha moment and realize epilepsy drugs won't cure tinnitus...

      My dear late father would have said "we are shit out of luck."
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      2010 Paxil W/D (Very Mild) / 2016 Celexa W/D Started month 8
      There is no way a pill would ever be suitable as a universal treatment for all causes of T. There are some newer studies on non-invasive deep brain stimulation that seem to be more promising.
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      Noise exposure
      Am-101 is a bust,it's nearly not even worth talking about anymore in my eyes and them dragging it out is only post poning the inevitable,it's a failure.

      As for seizure meds that isn't necessarily true,Christian had zero T for over four months whilst on Trobalt I believe so there may be some method in the madness.
      It won't cure T mind you but at best reduce it temporarily for some.

      Hearing regeneration has hit it big time which is extremely promising along with SC research.

      For me it will never be cured until the root cause of the problem is addressed,everything else is just going to dull it a little bit but until the underlying problem is fixed nothing will cure T or H.

      Regeneration is where it's at in my eyes.

      The reason I say the root cause has to be addressed is from personal experiences with people who were cured of T years after it started as an underlying cause was found and fixed.

      A quick example is my aunty Diane who suffered with T for years!She presumed it was from noise etc but it later turned out that her jaw was way out of line and was putting pressure on her hearing nerve,she got a splint made and hey presto she was fully cured of her T years after it started.So if T is in the brain and develops pathways to become chronic then why did hers go away after the problem was rectified years later?
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      loud clubs initially.
    8. Mic

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      Otitis media / Ear infection
      Speculating about what will and/or won't work is fruitless unless you have a certain degree of scientific understanding about how the human auditory system works.

      There are very smart and talented people at work to solve this puzzle. So let's not bombard their hard work with useless and negative comments... and come on... it's always better to bet on different horses to maximize our chances for a cure.

      Below the link to a real review, made by people who know what they are talking about, of progress that has been made in 2016:

      Annual tinnitus research review 2016 - BTA
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      This is the file posted by the OP........
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      Otitis media / Ear infection
      Yes indeed, missed the post with the file on my tiny smartphone screen... :dohanimation:

      The first part of my post is still valid though.
    11. attheedgeofscience
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      Head Injury
      Objectively speaking I would say that 2016 marked a year where the advances were in reverse to be honest:
      • The QUIET-1 study was officially confirmed to be discontinued after a lengthy review of the data.
      • AM-101 was clearly expected to make a breakthrough (by Auris Medical) as it had been given a name (Keyzilen) ahead of the clinical trial topline data release for TACTT2. Stocks plummeted following the failure to demonstrate efficacy and have remained low ever since; in fact, the EARS shares even traded as a "penny stock" back in early November (penny stock = below one dollar / share).
      • Trobalt was announced to be discontinued (which will happen later this year).
      • GenVec saw a temporary suspension of the trial pending a safety review (but it did resume). Stocks have plummeted since (and remained at a low level for a full year now). I am not too optimistic on CGF-166.
      On the flipside of those news, I have a lot of confidence in Otonomy. It would (probably) seem that the slow-release formulation of their proprietary gel has the potential to yield superior results. Whether that holds true for gacyclidine (OTO-311) remains to be seen; I am on the optimistic side, however. Good news is that Otonomy has made a market launch and is now earning revenues which puts the company closer to a self-sustaining mode.

      It is probably closer to the truth that in 2058, the worldwide tinnitus population might actually realize that funding of research requires donations.
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      Unknown, possible ear infection
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