Can Propranolol Worsen Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by amm12, May 6, 2014.

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      I just got prescribed it on top of some other anxiety meds I'm taking, and I read it was an ototoxic drug, so I'm not sure if I should avoid it or not?
    2. Art Vandalay

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      Unfortunately I don't have an answer to your question, however, I have a question that may help you in deciding whether you want to take propranolol.

      In general, if taking something ototoxic worsens your T, will it typically go back to its "normal" level once you stop taking the drug, or can the changes be permanent? If it's the former, I suppose it's an easier decision to decide and take a risk with the drug.
    3. carol kane

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      @amm12 i really hope not as i've been taking it for two months now, 10mg twice a day, i have been having lower t days just lately so i'm going to continue for now.
    4. mick

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      I'm pretty sure the ototoxic label is reserved for medications that can cause permanent hearing loss/damage. The ototoxicity may depend on dosage and duration, however. That is to say, the drug may be labeled as ototoxic in the prescribing info, or in someone's list of ototoxic drugs, but that does not mean it is ototoxic at all dosages or quantities over time. Aspirin is one such drug. At high doses over an extended period of time, it will permanently damage hearing (though oddly, I read an article recently where it may protect against hearing damage normally caused by ototoxic cancer drugs - go figure), and can cause permanent tinnitus. In lesser amounts, aspirin can cause temporary hearing loss and temporary tinnitus. The way aspirin used to be prescribed for people with severe rheumatoid arthritis was to increase the dosage until the patient's ears began ringing, then back the dosage off until the ringing stopped.
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      I have been taking propanalol for a few years now and it hasn't affected my T. If anything it should help as it helps with anxiety and it also lowers your blood pressure - high blood pressure can be a factor in T.
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