Can You Recommend Some More Affordable Hearing Aids?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Rings-a-Bell, Jun 12, 2021.

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      I've got a 60 dB hearing loss at 4000 Hz that causes my tinnitus. Although I've been mostly adapted to my tinnitus for the last year, I am having a bit of a spike right now, so I just got back from a hearing aid specialist and tried on some hearing aids.

      They really do seem to help my tinnitus (both with and without the white noise turned on).

      But the price... ouch! When 2 little pieces of tech like that cost 10x more than a cellphone you know that someone is ripping someone off somewhere.

      So I wonder, what are your experiences with cheap(er) hearing aids?

      Does anyone have any recommendations or warnings?
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      I believe the coping industry protects their business so well that you won't be able to find many alternatives. Jastreboff et. al. need your money and they won't be willing to share any slice of the cake.
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      Do you have access to a Costco?

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