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      To All,

      Well I had about 13 straight days with little or no ringing or hissing in my Ears.

      I thought I had it pretty much under control. Well Yesterday I had to go to the Hospital and doctor and they Put me on Cephalexin 500 mg for 10 days 3 times a day it is a Antibiotic and thy put me on a aspirin. Well they have started hissing an ringing real bad again. Has anyone ever had this happen to them? And if you had does it start calming down after you finished the Antibiotic’s.
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      Mike I'm sad to hear your tinnitus got louder. Many antibiotics are ototoxic and can cause/worsen tinnitus. Sometimes it is only temporary so do not lose your hopes. Perhaps use some B6+B12 vitamins and magnesium supplements if possible? They are crucial in a proper

      I am super sick at the moment (I don't know, either flu or a massive cold) and I have used one antibiotic already - amoxicillin which didn't help me and now I've almost been prescribed ciprofloxacin... No way I am taking that...
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      aspirin of course is notorious for irritating the outer hair cells and causing temporary tinnitus

      as for cephalexin...i have never read that it is ototoxic...but that is nothing to rely on

      tinnitus is a very idiopathic condition...meaning it has many causes and varies greatly from individual to individual

      call your doc and or pharmacist right away and ask what they think

      here is a reliable list of common ototoxic meds...but no list is rock solid


      sorry i couldnt give you a definitive answer

      but i do know this..i have taken antibiotics that make my ears ring off the hook while i take them, and then the ringing goes back to what passes for normal level 3 to 5 days later

      best wishes

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