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      Do you guys still go to concerts? A friend is trying to get me to go see Paul McCartney here tonight, a rare opportunity, and i'm considering it, but i'm scared it will make the T worse.

      I've heard that it does temporarily but then it will calm back down to "normal" levels. I'd obviously wear ear plugs but I would probably worry the whole time that i'm doing damage and not be able to enjoy it.

      I'd just like to hear others experience with shows.

    2. Floyd Mayweather

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      Loud noise exposure or an ear infection, or maybe a combination :(
      I wouldn't risk it. Loud noise exposure can still damage your hearing even with earplugs through bone conduction. I will never ever set foot in another nightclub again and I will never attend a concert. I strongly advise you to do the same but at the end of the day it's your choice, but if I were you I would avoid them places at all costs. A night of enjoyment is not worth a lifetime of torture.
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    3. FuzzyFrey

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      Sustained loud noise through headphones
      I have been to concerts while wearing earplugs many times after my onset of T. For the most part I have had no major worries overall. I reccommend using the thick foam ones. They worked for me in spite of my worries things could get worse (during rougher patches in my life), but I only rarely go to loud events these days.
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    4. Ilija

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      Loud gig/year of loud headphone usage.
      I don't know man, I went to a gig a week ago and I'm still feeling it a bit, it'll go down as always but I'm not sure.
      If you do, get the best earplugs you can, I'm going to get me the most top quality ones I can find, right now I have some rubber tree looking ones they do the job good but I don't know man.
      Do what you feel is right, I'm pretty self destructive at times, I once got so mad even more than Tinnitus mad I punched a f*cking wall full force, damn near shattered my knuckles, broke my wrist, 3 fingers broken 2 out of place, and all that cause of wait for it..........a pin on my CPU didn't want to go in so after a couple of tries I lost my shit.
      Think of your Tinnitus now, does it get bad in loud environment's? if no get the best earplugs you can and if you wish go for it, if you don't feel safe don't.
      One night is TOTALLY NOT WORTH of a lifetime of torture, only reason I went to a gig after the even that got me my temp T (that's right I'm so confident it's going I call it temporary already deal with it xD) is cause I had another burst of rage and I just self destructed.
      Ended up being a good night actually but I would hate myself if it increased my Tinnitus.
      Trust your gut it knows it's stuff.
    5. Marcini

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      I went to hundreds of night clubs and rock concerts with strong earplugs after developing T but personally wouldn't recommend doing the same. I was wearing 26dB attenuating silicone earplugs which were outstanding and I'd thoroughly recommend to anyone wanting to attend live music venues. While my T never got any worse during that period, I did develop some level of H which is a whole new world of fun: distorted hearing, reactive T, ear pain. Thankfully the effects have gradually settled but I do still experience some problems with it.

      It seems that after developing T, the ear (or brain) is more vulnerable to further damage. I'd personally advise people with T to avoid excessively noisy environments where possibly but the occasional appearance at a gig with proper protection is unlikely to cause any problems. In the words of Clint Eastwood, you've got to ask yourself one question: "Do I feel lucky?"
    6. Sean

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      I would not go perioid .You can read some of the post from "I who love music " and you will come to knkw why you shouldn't go .
      I love music and concerts. not going to loud places is the sacrifice we must make for long term peace ..again this is my humble opinion .
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    7. AUTHOR

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      Thanks guys, i've opted out. last night, same friend was trying to get me to go to a Doom/Metal show, which i love, but.. no way.
    8. Stina

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      I honestly would never go to a concert/club/loud bar. Ill rather limit my social life than deal with sleepless nights and crying during the day and potential hearing aid at 40. You are wise to stay away.
    9. Lisa Robinson

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    10. Tenna

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      Know when you ask in this forum of a very little percentage struggling, the majority of those with t who continue going to concerts does not reflect in here. You can read the stories representing a very few worst case t scenarios, and had you been a horsebackrider you should stop riding cause we all know what happened to Christopher Reeve, superman himself. If you want to keep on living life my opinion is you can't limit yourself based on Christopher Reeve's accident and what if scenarios, and basing a decision on onesided posts wont increase the chance of making a reasonable decision. :)
      luck to you
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    11. pactribe

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      Concert, while wearing earplugs (SNR 19).
      I am not going to any concert ever again.
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    12. walkthroughwalls

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      Well okay... here's a story from someone who did go:

      On May 22nd I actually played a concert, including multiple soundchecks and 4 hrs of driving. And I'm fine :)
      I had a slight increase the days after, but that might as well have been the stress and sleep deprivation. I doesn't have to indicate permanent damage.

      I've also played for a couple of hours on a small jam session and worked in my tiny home studio for a day and a half. Not too loud, but not quiet either. And I'm still fine.

      Would I go to a rock concert in a venue with 103dB limiters? Probably. Would I go to a doom band in any unregulated venue? Not a chance. And I'd always be prepared to walk out if it's too loud.

      I'm guessing that it is possible to still see or play live music. Thom Yorke and Neil Young, among others, are doing it. At the same time, the decision to give up live music is perfectly understandable too :)

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