Crying 24/7 with Ear Pain

Discussion in 'Support' started by Fairy, Mar 27, 2016.

    1. Fairy

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      Hi, Thanks for opinions/

      History: Flu, earache, loud tinnitus, fever, sinus, headache, pressure in ears.

      I still have something, I don't know what it is,
      Symptoms, flu for 14 days, heavy tinnitus and earache. I am crying every minute of the day.
      My ears hurt, ear ache with tinnitus. I did go to the emergency room. They did nothing.
      I did steam baths, everything that you can imagine.

      Why is it so painful? My ears are hurting, I used hot water bottles on them. It helps a little bit. But I am in so pain. Help. Just suggestions, don't be shy. I am vegetarian. I don't think that would have anything to do with it.

      Right now, the advil is not working any more. It has been 47 days, the ears hurt badly.
      Yes there is that type of pain. This is my tinnitus. I have no tinnitus before the flu.
      It is horrible experience to go thru. I have ent appointment in 3 months. I can not wait 3
      months. ridiculosis. I need help now. any suggestions??? Anything. I did all the right things.
      There is nothing left.

      The pain is making me cry, the ear aches. If I can control that. I might make it.
      I did used heat pad a lot. Crying does not make sense to me. Why should I cry 24/7. I would not want you to cry that long. Thanks for any help. Oh yes I got double ear aches. Strange, isn't it. First earaches in my life. Maybe I still have a virus or something. I have the earaches for 47 days (Otitis Media) is a guess. The air popper did not work for me.
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    2. MJC

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      Sorry to hear this. I Hv this issue- so I know how difficult this is.

      Until you see your ENT I would suggest-

      1. Having a hot bath - this helped me because of the steam.

      2. Homeopathy remedies - just google homeopathy for ear pain

      3. Accupucture If you don't mind needles

      I hope you get better soon, try and keep calm.
      I know it's easy for me to say but I learnt from experience panic made it worse.
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    3. Dutchy
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      Neuronmodulation suggests noise induced?
      I couldn't help but wonder,Tinnitus since April?.
    4. Telis

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      Drugs barotrauma
      I've had ear pain for over 2 years, maybe I can help. If you can, stop crying as this seems to create pressure in the head/ears. Have you ruptured your ear drums or any other components?

      I would try taking pressure off the head as much as you can, try sleeping in the elevated position. Also, if you are trying to pop your ears and they will not go, stop or try gently only, things like yawning are ok, also keep up with the steam a few times daily.

      If you do have some kind of pressure related injury, try these things that I suggest, they can't hurt.
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    5. 2014winner

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      otitis media with permanent hearing loss
      I can see that you are going through a lot of pain and difficulty dealing with these conditions.
      I had otitis media once, as well as uncontrolled tinnitus, and life was not easy.
      Please know that others have endured what you are, and there is hope.
      -> Look for a support group in your area (=American Tinnitus Association, for example).
      My concern and genuine sympathy is with you. I look forward to when you are better and start counting days toward positive things, and have your ear conditions under control.
    6. glynis

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      Meniere's Disease
      Have you been on antibiotics for a ear infection ? Could be pressure pain too...Try stay relaxed as you can and paracetamol might help.
      Water bottle also....
      Lots of love glynis
    7. Luciahndz

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      Rhinitis (supposedly)
      I can relate. Im very worried too, i have tinnitus, they diagnosed me with chronic rhinitis, and the pain is supossed to be related to the eustachian tubes filled with mucus. Its been almost a month and the pain is the same... is not constant but is pretty much there almost all day. Sometimes my ears feel cold or hot. I get pain on the sides of my face, near my ears, have my ears plgged almost all the time and my nose is congested most of the time :/ is this really a rhinitis problem? Or is there something more? My doctor seems to think is no big deal but is really scaring me. Thank you.

    8. dingaling

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      unknown, probably loud music

      Flu is nasty and some people take weeks to recover. I am told that acute ear pain is up there with toothache and childbirth.

      The pain is usually caused by acute and persistent negative middle ear pressure with poor, or absent Eustachian tube function to equalize the pressure with atmosphere. You really want to avoid this getting worse (i.e. chronic) and although it might feel painful even thinking about it, see if you can get an otovent balloon (that you blow with your nose) or try (gently) blowing up normal balloons (gently and very, very slowly)
    9. Quiet please

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      May 2008
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      I can only guess
      Have you been checked out by a doctor for the flu? Thats some serious stuff. They do have viral medications; Tamiflu comes to mind that can help if it's that.

      Any cold with congestion though can and will make T much worse. Advil is a medication I personally would NEVER take with T. It's full of salicyclates; I take Tylenol and Tylenol cold products.

      Feel better!

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