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      I was wondering, once diagnosed with tinnitus do you go to a ENT doctor who specializes in tinnitus? My ENT doctor has made no other suggestions besides hearing aids, which I cannot afford, yet in reading other comments in the forums people are using medications, noise masking devices or playing different sounds on other devices. How much support do you expect to receive from your ENT doctor?

      For me other than this group, I have no other support. I am depressed due to not being able to do my job, my sleep is now interrupted since I cannot seem to sleep the entire night without waking up part way through than having difficulty falling back to sleep due to the loud ringing. I've made sure I am getting more exercise, staying away from any medications and caffeine yet I still can't get an entire night sleep or get over the depression. Am wondering how others cope.
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      Meniere's Disease
      a Audioloist would be the next person to see for help .
      Are you on medication for depression or had any counselling to help you ?.....lots of love glynis
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      Sadly, we often have to do our own research when it comes to tinnitus treatment options. Right now I'm jumping through hoops to get into a TRT program at a hospital here. Neither my ENT or primary doc knew of it and I have had to educate them on it. Of course it's not in my network so it is taking awhile to get things sorted.

      Bottom line though is that we have to be proactive in regards to getting treatment. It sucks but that's just how it is.
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      I made an appointment with a audiologist so hopefully they will be able to suggest some solutions.
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