Does Everybody Have Setbacks and Changes? Is That Normal?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Forever hopeful, Sep 13, 2015.

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      I am new to T -3 weeks now and new to this forum. I have gotten a lot of support but am also a little unsettled by all the stories of folks who managed to habituate and were doing well and then have a "spike" or change in the T for the worse. Is that normal? Mine was noise induced and I am very protective of my hearing , which is not damaged thankfully. It is easily masked by ambient noise so that is saving me at the moment. Is it expected that it will get worse for me at some point? I am trying to manage this without sinking into a dark depression and I think I am doing well, but then I read these stories and wonder if I have to live with the fear of this happening. I am not all that knowledgeable about T yet so I am not sure what to expect. I am afraid to use a blow dryer, wear ear plugs to my son's hockey games to the point I can't hear if a goal was scored and have to travel for work in October and not sure how I am going to do that. And I have to keep it together because my husband hurt his back and cannot do much. As an aside, he acknowledged it was payback from the universe for not being as supportive as he could around my T, which he does not understand. I did enjoy that statement.

      Anyway, can anyone tell me what to expect?


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      T is a very unpredictable medical condition. But a medical condition nonetheless.
      Therefore, there is no certain answer to your question. When you are sick, a relapse is always a possibility.
      You might have a broken leg, after it heals if you fail to take care of it you might have a set-back.

      Its basically the same thing with tinnitus.
      When you read a story about a set-back when tinnitus is concerned, it is usually linked with some kind of undesirable event such as a new loud noise exposure, some kind of new anxiety or depression, an infection, drugs or whatever.
      Basically, life happens. Just make sure you take care of yourself as best as possible, however nobody can tell you for sure if it will get better or worse.
      And if it ever gets worse, hopefully a cure will be available soon and it wont make much difference.
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      Hi forever hopeful,
      Lots of things can cause a spike but normally settle back down to your base sound after a few days.

      Colds,virus,stress,anxiety,cold weather ,waking up,wax buildup, using cotton buds ,loud music,sinus problem,ear infections,ear conditions,TMJ,neck problems ,headaches,water in your ears and so you can see that once you have had tinnitus a while there are lots of reasons for spikes.

      Over time you will get to know what spikes you get and each time get better dealing with them and bouncing back to a happy you .....lots of love glynis

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