Does Sound Therapy Help?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Angelique, Jul 14, 2013.

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      I am new to this, T started suddenly for me, I was sitting watching tv at the time. It is driving me nuts. I cannot hear people clearly because of the buzzing/hissing sound in my ears. Sometimes, I hear a whoosing sound in my right ear while I hear the hissing sound in the left. I cannot enjoy the things I had only just started to enjoy after working so hard with my pyscharist and social worker to beat depression.

      I saw one doctor, he said it was a possible ear infection and antibotics would get rid of it. Well, it's still here. I saw another one who put me on Stemzine tablets, no change.

      I have read some of your posts and some mentioned anti-depressants to relieve T. I was on Mirtazapine for over 3 years for depression and when I got off them I was so pleased that I had become a whole person again. Someone reckoned that you don't gain weight from taking them. Well, I had gained so much weight regardless of the fact I didn't eat a lot of food so going back on them isn't something I would be happy to do.

      I have been researching the web for help and sound therapy seems to be common. Has anyone used sound therapy?
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      Feb 2013
      I found it helps me to get to sleep,but taking sleeping tab too, but dont find it does much during the day.
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      What sound therapy do you mean exactly?

      There are loads available... from SoundCure, White Noise Generators to nature sounds and notched music therapy, and many in-between. And of course most prominently Tinnitus Retraining Therapy involves sound enrichment.

      Cures? No.

      May ease the distress, help get a good night's sleep, maybe speed up habituation? Yes.

      That's it in a nutshell!
      I like to listen to the sound of rain if I have trouble falling asleep.
    4. carlover

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      I've tried Universal Sound Therapy (4 months every day), Acoustic CR Neuromodulation (18 months), and Sound Therapy International Australia (1 year)

      Waste of time for me.
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      My experience running a sound therapy provider has been that some people are helped, and others are not. The biggest obstacle seems to be detecting the tinnitus frequency accurately. The data we do have on this shows that this is very difficult to do for about 50% of tinnitus sufferers (due to atypical tinnitus tones, multiple tinnitus tones, etc.). If you can get over that hump then there seems to be greater rates of success (i.e. with notched sound therapy).

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