Does Your Tinnitus Change After Listening to White Noise?

Discussion in 'Support' started by epin3m, Jan 2, 2014.

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    1. epin3m

      epin3m Member

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      Hi head ringers!

      Do you notice your T change after listening to white noise for a while or it does remain the same?

      If I do not mask it, my T sounds like a buzz but it changes into a high pitched noise after I listen to white noise. However, it returns to its normal buzzing noise after a few minutes.

      Does anyone else experience this?
    2. David S

      David S Member Benefactor

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      I have the same. My T is like small bells in a sequence but when I listen to withe noise I can hear the pulses trough. After some time the bells goes more like a unstable high pitched tone.
    3. I who love music

      I who love music Member

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      mid seventies
      Yup. While I listen to "Musical Neuronmodulation" (on this site) my whistling T instantly turns to a very faint high hiss. After about a half hour of this mask, the tinnitus is a little less for a few hours. Does anyone know where more of that type of sound(s) can be found? I don't think I could be without it. I'm hooked.
    4. AaronU

      AaronU Member

      So far I haven't noticed any obvious change after listening to any type of noise - running faucets seem to be the best for drowning it out though.
    5. Markku

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      Great to hear.

      The sound was made by @Steve H.

      He's able to do more of the same kind. :)

      (PS. white noise does not affect my tinnitus).
    6. Hattukoira

      Hattukoira Member

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      White noise makes my T louder temporarily. That's why I'm using music and nature sounds to mask my T.
    7. Steve H

      Steve H Director Staff Benefactor Team Trobalt Team Tech Team Awareness Team Research

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      Flu, Noise-induced, Jaw trauma
      @I who love music I've done a few sequences on the same principle. I'll get some of them uploaded and give you a link.

      I'm the same with white noise, it has no effect on my tinnitus volume. I don't find it too pleasant to listen to so I don't use it unless it's mixed with other sounds.

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