Ear Fullness and Spikes After Ceasing Use of TMJ Guard

Discussion in 'Support' started by linearb, Mar 19, 2020.


Do you use a TMJ splint, and does it help?

  1. I don't have TMJ

  2. I think I have TMJ but I don't use a splint

  3. I use a TMJ splint and it helps with TMJ symptoms but not ear symptoms

  4. I use a TMJ splint and it helps with TMJ symptoms and ear symptoms, but not tinnitus

  5. I use a TMJ splint and it helps with tinnitus along with TMJ symptoms

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    1. linearb

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      This doesn't concern me at all but I am saying it for the benefit of @PeteJ, @JohnAdams and other people I know have TMJ concerns on here.

      I always sleep with a TMJ splint; have for years. Recent insanity around my job and COVID-19, has my sleep messed and I've gone a full week without the splint.

      For the past two days I have been waking up with ear "stuffiness", which clears with chewing and pseudoephedrine. This morning, my ears were also really crackly (much more than usual), and, I had some short but piercing tones in one ear.

      I will obviously be sleeping with my ($1700!) guard again starting tonight, but I just wanted to mention this because:
      * my TMJ was somewhat handled with stretching and a split
      * I stopped doing the splint and stretches
      * within a week, my ears were "stuffy" bordering on "blocked", crackling more, and I am getting blaring fleeting tinnitus on waking
      * I had no other noise exposure, etc during this time (haven't even run a car engine barely, COVID-19 shit).

      If you have tinnitus and ear symptoms and untreated TMJ, treat your TMJ.
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    2. ASilverLight
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      I do wonder if there's any likelihood I also have TMJ. Mostly because I

      A) Clench my teeth all the time. I try not to but if I don't actively make myself not do it, I do it.
      B) Popping/crackling of the jaw to an almost absurd amount. Also, when I feel for the movement with my finger, right side feels very off.
      C) Pretty sure my jaw deviates to the left when I open it.

      And of course the bloody tinnitus. Right now there's just no way for me to see a dentist as they're running on emergency cases only, and I'm not insured for any dental work either...
    3. AUTHOR

      linearb Member Benefactor Hall of Fame

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      This sounds a lot like TMJ

      Clenching all the time can, I think, mess with bloodflow and the ability of the e-tubes to drain, especially if you lock them shut in your sleep. I think this is why a bite guard helps me.

      You could try a much cheaper night guard from a pharmacy.
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    4. Shaqz

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      The right side of my jaw pops when I chew but doesn’t really bother me, what bothers me is when I swallow it crunches or when I move it certain positions which is also accompanied with mild pain... Could this cause my ototoxic induced tinnitus to become worse? If so, is a splint really enough to cure this thing?
    5. Selah1281

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      Somewhat related to this thread...

      I use a splint. In October I had a middle fossa craniotomy to have an osteoma removed from my internal auditory canal (in hopes of tinnitus improvement or cessation). I feel that the procedure altered my bite from effects of the incision (closure and scar tissue).

      So now I basically have a custom splint that no longer matches the bite pattern I had. I haven’t had any worsening of tinnitus from it, but I developed TTTS symptoms within a month or so or the surgery and I wonder if they may be related. Prior to the surgery I rarely had ear fullness anymore. Now it’s a daily occurrence. I also have mild distortion in my right ear when the fullness occurs. This is when I first noticed the fluttering reaction of the tensor tympani to my hyperacusis sensitive frequencies. I’ve developed lots of ear pain and tenderness. I really haven’t had pain and tenderness since 1-2 months of acquiring tinnitus till this recent flare-up. Also, I’ve had ear pressurization issues since developing tinnitus, but they’ve increased substantially in this same period.

      I can’t really afford to have a new splint made right now. Sleeping without it definitely causes issues though.

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