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Discussion in 'Support' started by Lady B, Sep 23, 2016.

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      Physical Assault, Myringoplasty
      No history of ear issues in the past. I got physically assaulted, which caused me a ruptured eardrum in the left ear. I had surgery in mid July, got sick a week after. Fortunately the graft has taken well when I had the packing removed. Since surgery I'd hear the popping sound in the left operated ear, I was told that this was normal for the time being.

      Fast forward today, I got sick (cold) again 2 days ago but I treated it quickly as soon as the symptoms came up so I am a lot better now. Yesterday I accidentally sneezed with my mouth closed, because it happened right after I wake up in the morning. All day after the sneeze, I noticed that there is no popping sound coming from the left ear. I'd go consult my ENT Doctor but I've been going there back and forth over the past months for follow ups etc. Plus it ain't cheap. My next follow up is in October.

      So I was wondering if this is something I should worry about ? I'm afraid I may have burst the new eardrum
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      Very Unknown At This Point.... most likely loud sound?
      I wish someone would reply to this, im curious too
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      I doubt you caused anything to rupture. I did the same thing with a busted eardrum and I was fine. I recommend you go to the doctors so they can make sure you're fine. They might supply you a course of antibiotics to prevent infections from occurring. Make sure you eat a lot of probiotic foods to keep the good bacteria; if you are prescribed antibiotics.

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