Everything went well, until last night

Discussion in 'Support' started by Boxdra, Mar 30, 2014.

    1. Boxdra

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      Ok so I have tinnitus since november/december. The first nights where horrible but I recovered. Everything was going fine and I was happy again, until last night.

      Last night I went to a party. The location was not very loud at the beginning. I was having my earplugs in, they protect like 15db. But then as the night progressed, people where getting louder and the music was getting louder. I noticed it, but I thought it was still ok. I was not planning on staying long, but I did anyway.

      So I went home, and I did not hear a difference. I was happy and fell alsleep. Then, after a couple of hours, I woke up, and the first thing I thought was: crap... My T is louder. Its not a lot louder, but I do notice it. It has a higher pitch, I hear it louder. I feel so crap..

      I will really learn from this: I will NOT go to a party like this without really, really good earplugs.

      Can anyone help me, some kind words would be nice :( still hoping its a Spike but now (the next morning) its still there. Please help :(
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    2. cullenbohannon

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      Sorry to hear that friend. I've had a few nights like that myself. Give it a couple nights It will prob come back down. Prob a temp spike. Stay positive and be careful.

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    3. christine kauhane

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      I went to a party in feb there was loud music but my T did not increase ???? and idid not have ear plugs????? i think yours will will go down soon
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      Hello:) first i want to tell you that after I got tinnitus in Nov I visited bars several times without plugs (because I didnt know I had to wear them). My T did get louder for the following day but it calmed down. Also, Ive noticed that things such as dehydration, stress and being tired can make it louder or seem louder. Therefore try to relax, sleep, eat healthy food, drink lots of water.
      In addition to this, I only have 1 pair of plugs. They are 33 db and I can hear speech through with them very well (they block out "unsafe sounds". I have worn them to a theatre, noisier restaurant, houseparties. In my opinion it is easier to have one good pair of strong plugs. In this way at parties you can avoid unpleasant surprises. If you dont like that idea, carry several pairs of plugs with you and if the noise gets louder change plugs. Also, take regular breaks outside.
      However Im relatively sure that it will go down, but I dont think wearing 15 db plugs to parties where you want to relax and have fun is particularly smart. Wear stronger plugs just in case:) Let us know how you do.
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    5. billie48

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      not sure
      I don't think going to parties with people noise nor being there but not standing right in front of loud speakers can do that much lasting damage to the ears. Spikes happen and it is best to not get too worked up when each spike happens. The best is to get your self to the point you don't care about T high or low. Spikes usually go down to baseline anyway. So relax. Take care.
    6. SarahR

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      I always find my T is much worse the day after drinking alcohol. It has always reduced back to my normal level though.

      I did find that I think my trigger for the spikes is alcohol rather than the noise: I've had no spike after a loud night out without alcohol (with plugs) but then a huge spike the day after drinking at home with friends, which was much quieter.

      It's not easy but give it another few days without panicking!
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    7. I agree, probably just a spike, sometimes mine last a couple days..try not to focus on it.
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    8. AUTHOR

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      Thans everyone for the kind words! My spike is not gone yet, but I feel better. I thought I didn't need to come here anymore, but the support here is really nice :) i'm going to buy custom made plugs with a minimum of 30 db for these kinds of things. I do need two, because in softer situations I still need to hear what people are saying. Thnx stina :)

      I guess I will have to wait a couple of days... Lets see, I will not try to focus on it.
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    9. Grace
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      Sorry to hear that... Like everyone else said it should go down!! and deff bring 33 db or near it earplugs next time. I was at a party last night with no ear plugs and was fine but last wedsnday i was at a bar that was blaring music and people screaming and even with the 33 db earplugs i was scared so i told my friend lets go to another bar lol was a lil quieter but its soo annoying having to deal with loud music and worryin bout your ears ugh! we alll just neeeed to be careful and enjoy:)
    10. Sean

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      I vote for a temporary spike as well. Same thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago.
      It will settle down. I know its hard but stress and anxiety aren't helping.
      Allow time to be the healer.
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