Fast Onset of Tinnitus and Hyperacusis — Can Anxiety Cause This?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Hotrock, Nov 25, 2021.

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      Hi all,

      My tinnitus has appeared over the last 3 months and is the low-frequency type until after ENT performed a balance test with hot air in both ears that has now also caused a high pitched noise in both ears.

      It started when I was sitting in my lounge on my computer and thought I could hear a car with a bass speaker rumbling outside, but there was not. For three weeks I tried to search for the sound, determined it was a pump or underground pipe in or near my house. My ear muscles have been constantly fluttering for no reason like they have just heard a loud sound or are nervous. I then went to bed one-night silent and woke up at 3am with what can only be described as a loud hum! It sounded like I was standing next to an electricity pylon. Determined it was in the house, I switched off all the mains electricity, water and was wandering round trying to find the source. I even called the council environment health to complain about a noise from under my house lol.

      In the end, I read about tinnitus and found out that unfortunately, the noise was in fact me! Shocked and scared I freaked out wondering what could have caused it. Was it the vaccine, was it stress, was it from my younger days of clubbing?

      The noise I hear is like traffic in the distance or the hum of a boiler. It disappears almost completely when I step outside the house, but returns whenever indoors. The high pitched noise is always present now, even outside or with the tv on. I hate being in my own house at the moment, the rumbling sound gets worse and hurts my ears indoors, it's like it reverbs off the walls like a bass speaker in my head.

      Right before the onset, I have been stressed and had my second dose of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine 4 weeks prior to the noticeable onset. I have been told by ENT if it was the vaccine it would have happened within days of getting it, so he thinks it could be stress and anxiety.

      I feel for everyone suffering with this horrible illness and pray and hope one day they find a cure. For me I will struggle on, my MRI scan was last week (waiting for results), but I'm not expecting any miracles. Doctor already said my ears look fine and has given me a nasal spray. Loud sounds also hurt my ears now, they are super sensitive. I don't feel I have lost any hearing, if anything it's got more acute and seems to focus on this bass sounds and really high pitched sounds, both real in the environment and in my head. Anyway, guess we all have to learn to live with it! Right now I'm feeling anxious and worried it may get worse. I think it is in my right ear only, as when I plug the right ear the deep sound goes and I am just left with a high pitched noise in the left ear.

      Anyone else get the low-frequency type?
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      Welcome to the forum.

      You have my empathy as new tinnitus is often a shock and struggle. I may not have the same causes of tinnitus as you but I do have a low roaring humming tinnitus on my deaf left ear and a high pitch scream on the right. It is like I have a duet of a bass and a tenor 7/24 in my head. I am getting used to their concert though and life goes on. I also have hyperacusis and you seem to have some symptoms of it being sensitive to normal sounds. Living with tinnitus and hyperacusis was not that easy at first but you learn how to cope with these curve balls in life. Over time I adjust to my new normal. It will take time. I learned and shared some helpful strategies in my success story "From Darkness to Light...". Check it out and read other success stories to give you hope. Being calm and positive will help your recovery. Yes too much anxiety and stress can cause tinnitus or aggravate it.

      Take care. God bless.
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      Hello @billie48, it’s lovely reading your positive posts and the difficulties you have been through.

      It gives me hope.

      Sending prayers.
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      Caloric test
      Hello @Hotrock. I have been experiencing constantly worsening tinnitus and hyperacusis since my caloric test. I see that you have been tested the same way (hot air blowing into your ears). Did you feel any relief and if yes, what did you do exactly? I would appreciate the advice.

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