Firecracker → Tinnitus in Left Ear | MRI → Tinnitus in Right Ear

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      fire cracker went off next to left ear
      I was exposed to a firecracker when I was 18. It caused tinnitus in my left ear. ENT says it's permanent.

      I'm 51 now. Recently, I underwent MRI with 3 different layers of protection in right ear and now have high pitched pulsatile tinnitus in right ear. I can get it to go away when I clench my jaw.

      I'm wearing OTICON hearing aids with maskers embedded in them now. I will visit a dentist tomorrow to verify that I don't have TMJ/D.

      I hope the right ear isn't permanent. I'm on 2 different anxiety pills and sleeping pills now.
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      I'm sorry to hear you're struggling.

      Do you work as a handyman? That can be challenging these days if you're trying to get better.

      Some people improve during the first 6 months. There's not much to do other than hope and avoid loud accidents.

      Let the dentist clean your teeth manually. Some try Prednisone in first 2 weeks after an acoustic trauma like the MRI.

      But with triple hearing protection I don't see it as a very loud acoustic trauma...?

      Perhaps turn down the volume on hearing aids as they amplify a lot?

      I have no experience with your situation and hearing aids so hopefully some others chime in.

      Take care. Try to relax...
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      I don't know much about pulsatile tinnitus, but I *believe* it's different to 'regular' tinnitus in that it often has an identifiable cause and can therefore be fixed. Make sure it's being investigated by an ENT, as this is one of the instances where they may actually be able to help.

      I hope it resolves for you soon.

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