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      Does anyone think any foods and drink are bad when you have Tinnitus. If so what is suppose to be bad and what is suppose to be good. I have read a lot of stuff on the websites.
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      If you look hard enough you will find someone who thinks there is a link between just about every food and drink there is. Don't look too hard. Just be aware of what you eat and drink and if there is an affect on you or not. If you cut out everything that could possibly have an effect or reportedly has an effect you will end up a prisoner to this. In my experience the fluctuations are cyclical but completely random. It is very easy to mistakenly assign blame to a food, drink or activity that in reality is not connected to a random fluctuation. (the reverse is true for remedies also) My advice is to do what you always have done. Eat a healthy diet, exercise, protect your hearing when necessary. Live your life. Do some research but choose your sources very carefully. 99% of the people out there trying to sell you a remedy are selling worthless snake oil. Don't fall for it.
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      I agree with Jim. I have linked everything to my T, stopped eating, drinking or doing whatever that link maybe, only to notice that it had zero affect whether I did it or not. There is one thing that makes T worse, dwelling on it. You have to ignore it the best you can, even stay away from these forums. I will post here a few days and then stay away for awhile to give my mind a break. But I like to check in and see what everybody is discussing from time to time. Good Luck.
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