Has Anyone Ever Sued Someone for Causing Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by MRItechssuck, Oct 20, 2019.

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      This is true and those who haven't experienced TRUE suffering, soul crushing destruction, just give you blank stares as if pills or CBT will cure everything. There comes a point where conditions become so bad it's affecting your mental health involuntarily. Somehow the medical world is fighting us poor broken souls down that mental and physical health must be separate, it can't be possible that your dysfunctioning body is causing you to go crazy. I won't hate but... to me it's primitive. We are 500 years behind where we need to be to tackle this level of conditions. Hearing loss, tinnitus, degenerative nerve diseases, autoimmune, cancer, and brain damage are debilitating but hardest to treat. More money for research is needed.
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      There was a lawsuit against Starbucks for causing an employee to develop hyperacusis.

      "She was eventually diagnosed with “hyperacusis” -- a condition that makes people overly sensitive to everyday sounds -- and requested Starbucks reassign her and make what she called “reasonable accommodations,” like playing music at a lower volume, and laying down floor mats. Starbucks refused and Cohen said she was fired when she did not return to work from medical leave last week."

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