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Discussion in 'Treatments' started by Louise, Oct 23, 2012.

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      acoustic trauma?
      'Completely faded away - Unexplained' and 'Completely disappeared with no apparent reason.' Where do I sign up? :-(

      Did any of them mention the nature of their t or rate it out of 10 of what it was?
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      hearing loss
      Thank-you for posting this, @DaveFromChicago. :huganimation:

      Today, in particular, I really needed to hear some positivity. I cope as best as I can with my tinnitus and most days I feel as though I am in control and can get through the day. This morning I woke up to a much higher pitch than normal and I felt a dread come over me. The pitch has returned to base line, thankfully. Not sure what caused it, yet we all know there is not point trying to figure it out, tinnitus plays by it's own rules.
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      To Pertej: I was unfortunately not in a position to interview them in depth.

      The audiologist who set me up with Desyncra said that she had also heard of various instances among patients where this had in fact disappeared on its own.

      I have fantasies about some day arriving at the "M" (Magic Day) wherein I will discover that mine is actually completely gone for good. I have had this fantasy every day for about 1,925 consecutive days (or 5 years and 3 plus months).

      What concerns me is that lately I have this recurrent dream where I am in a German Concentration Camp in a striped uniform and am gesticulating desperately to my relatives and friends beyond the barbed wire fence that they immediately secure my release. The more I impress upon them the necessity of doing this the more they stare at me dumbfounded with total incomprehension.

      This dream's symbolism regarding the distancing, entrapping, brutally sequestering nature of this condition is all to gallingly obvious.
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      Unknown. Sudden loss of 100% hearing R ear with Tinnitus
      Sounds interesting, but I am doubtful that hearing aids will help me as I have total hearing loss in my right ear leaving me with intense hyperacusis induced Tinnitus. I'm hoping that my brain will just figure it out eventually and realize that nobody's home on my right side. BTW, it was sudden hearing loss without known cause.

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