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      Hello everybody!

      I hope this finds you all well.

      I'm new here, as my tinnitus has gotten worse and is much harder than it used to be.

      I have had tinnitus in both ears (worse in my right ear) for about 7 years, it has always been low enough to be manageable. However, I recently had some earwax build up in my left ear, so I had that ear irrigated by the practice nurse at my local GP surgery 3 days ago.

      Immediately following the irrigation using the modern electronic irrigation device (which itself did not hurt or feel too loud, but did feel strange), I felt a fullness behind my my ear drum and the ringing in my left ear had increased.

      The ringing has not subsided after 3 days, and is now louder that it was in my previous bad (right) ear. I can also feel liquid moving behind my ear drum when I tilt my head (which I have had since soon after the irrigation, too).

      It's safe to say I'm pretty anxious and upset by this – I wish I never had my ear syringed in the first place! However, I'm trying to be rational, and telling myself that it must improve. The problem is, that I have now done a lot of reading online about ear syringing/irrigation, and all conversations seem to point to lots of people acquiring tinnitus from irrigation and it not improving.

      My question is, do any of you guys know if it is possible for tinnitus to lower in volume and improve in time following ear syringing/irrigation?

      I'm finding it hard to understand how this can cause tinnitus to worsen. I was not in pain, It was not painfully loud, and my pervious tinnitus is down to loud noise exposure. I had the same left ear perforated from an infection several years ago and that caused no tinnitus at all – surly that would be much more pressure on the eardrum!!?

      Many thanks to you all, I highly appreciate your responses.

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