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      I just wanted to introduce myself here. So, 32, female, tinnitus since February 2015.

      This forum has been great help, eventually I kind of habituated and I can live pretty much a normal life. Just invested in better earplugs for concerts. I still do what I have done before, so metal festivals and concerts, going out, meeting up with friends, some sports, work etc.

      It's not so great to live with T (and probably H) but it's much better than at the beginning. year ago I could not imagine I will live through another day but gradually or T decreased or I care less, cannot say anymore. There better and worse days, now definitely more better days and bad ones.

      For those who are new I want to say I found out this:
      1. Flying - I only do short flights, max. 2h - no problem, tinnitus didn't get worse
      2. Concerts and festivals - no problem, sometimes I have a spike but IMHO more because of the tiredness next day (I'm not 18 anymore, unfortunately :D ) than because of the music. Wear good ear plugs and things should be fine. For me this was one big fear but turned out just fine.
      3. Cold and flu: since last year I had really bad cold like twice in two months - strangely T got much better when my nose was completely full, didn't have any increase or spike because of that

      Things do get better and without this forum I would have never survived a whole year.
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      Noise induced, repeated exposure with loud headphones.
      Welcome :)

      This is comforting, I haven't flown since my onset and I do worry about it.

      I also had a cold 2 weeks ago and a flu last week, and it didn't effect my T!

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