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      I've had the dreaded ringing in the ears since a night out listening to a band just after Christmas last year! So I'm quite new to it. The first few weeks were absolutely horrendous, panic attacks, constant anxiety, no sleep and all of that stuff. However, I've been getting a lot better since then but still have some bad days. The tinnitus doesn't really bother me that much if I'm honest (don't really hear it most of the time) but the anxiety is still very difficult. I suffered a bit with anxiety before my Tinnitus but it was just the usual work, stress, life, parenting etc and always manageable.

      I guess I just want some reassurance that the anxiety will get better, or that others have suffered similarly in the early days of their tinnitus. The doctor has assured me that the anxiety will pass and that the tinnitus will either go with time or improve to the point where it bothers me very little! He also says that because my Tinnitus has improved since it began that it is a really good sign. So fingers crossed, I'll be free of it (to some extent) one day!
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      Hey Dazzler!! :welcomesignanimation: Glad you posted!! So sorry to hear you are suffering! It sucks, I know!!:eek: Glad you are here on TT. Great people, support and info!!

      The anxiety WILL fade!! The T may or may not, but your ability to deal with it will improve! Your brain will slowly (unfortunately, slowly) begin to view your T as less and less of a threat. And that will diminish your anxiety. Are you currently on any meds?? Early on with T it is sometimes a good idea to stabilize your anxiety with meds. Then as you stabilize and your anxiety is gone or manageable, you can ween off them, and replace with positive things like exercise, meditation, and sleep!!

      Be encouraged! I had gnarly anxiety and freak out sessions early on in my T, and got really depressed. But am doing WAY better now, even though my T is still the same. Stay positive and stay connected here on TT!! :)
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