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      Hi all. My name's Charlie and I'm a musician. I'm 55. I play bass in a jazz band. I used to play in a rock band when I was young and exposure to very loud music for extended periods is no doubt what caused my tinnitus. I first developed it more than 20 years ago; however it's got a lot worse over the past year, to the point where it really is distracting. For my day job I work in an office and am regularly finding that I can't hear what people are saying in meetings and so on.

      My tinnitus is high-pitched, but not white noise. I haven't had it measured but I should think it's around 7kHz or so, pretty constantly. It comes and goes in intensity. I haven't noticed any pattern - sometimes it's louder in the morning, other times it's almost gone. Doesn't seem to be related to stress, alcohol or anything else in particular.

      I just want it to go, like everyone else here, I imagine. I'm not wealthy so I have noticed the threads on doing Acoustic Neuromodulation by yourself with great interest.

      Anyway, it's good to be part of a community, so as not to be alone in this.
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