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    1. hi folks , my name is steven dempsey and i have only found myself with this hellish buzzing in both ears V load, sometimes i feel i can hear it in my head too, i honestly dont know how some of yous get by with this every day for 5 yr - 10 yrs - 20 yrs etc etc , i have only had it for 7-8 months now
      and feel like i just cant cope with it for much longer , is there anything a tall that can help me ,?

      any info would be great

      cheers steven d
    2. Svein

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      I have had tinnitus for 12 years now, and it has become harder to handle the last two years. I get by with music, hiking and trying to stay "non-stress"-busy with positive things. The best for me is staying outdoors, preferably by a lake or a river, or in positive interaction with other people. I work as a teacher, so I get that positive interaction a lot.
      I've tried low volume white sound for masking, but haven't really got much out of that yet. And I have hearing aids because of a slight hearing loss. They bring in more sound from my surroundings, and that helps.
      I have tried antidepressants, but they haven't helped me. If you feel you need that to stress down and lower anxiety, don't be afraid to try.
      Try to live like you did before t, and pust t back by spoiling yourself/doing your favorite things.
      Live and cope!
    3. Jim

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      Hi Steven, welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear you are having a tough time right now. I have noticed a pattern over the last few years with my involvement in this and other forums. The first year is often the most difficult for people to deal with. You will over time begin to habituate so try not to stress about it too much.
      The fact that people do cope with it for many years should be encouraging to you. This is evidence that you can adjust to it like others have.
      Yep, there are many things you can do. Sound enrichment/masking. Protect your ears from loud noise. Keep some background sounds on. Don't let it dominate your life. Svein gives good advise above, I had to take some anti anxiety meds for a while and some sleep meds too. Everyone reacts differently to it so it's hard to give concrete advise. Look around on this forum, there are lots of good people and lots of info here.
      Forget all the miracle cures on the internet, they're all snake oil. You will find strength you didn't know you had and you will get through. I've had it for several years. I went from thinking I could not cope, like you, to it being a bothersome nuisance. Hang in there.
    4. Eric Winch

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      i just try to keep real busy , but i dont enjoy tv or books any more i found other stuff to try to keep my mind off it . but your right it drives me fkn nuts
    5. AmyM

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      Have what I believe to be Pulsatile Tinnitus in left ear for the past few years, becoming more noticeable, louder and more persistent (heart beat, drum-like irregular beat, whooshing like blood flow audible). Just beginning to really research it and hope to see a doctor about it within the year (bad insurance currently). Also have TMJ since birth, one serious head injury 8 years ago, high stress, and anemia. Currently use air purifier or fan at night to mask symptom but it truly drives me crazy, prevents sleep, etc. Lovely to meet you all, look forward to learning more and sharing what I find. :)
    6. Seras

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      AFAIK anemia may cause pulsatile tinnitus
    7. Eric Winch

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      Toronto, Ontario
      tmj since birth wow , my step daughter has tmj she is getting therapy ,that is helping,it seems quite pain full but she told me she would keep her tmj over this ringing . u need to move to a place that has health ins. free. like canada . any way good luck to you .

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