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      My name is Jim. I have had T for about 5 years now. Mine was caused by loud noise exposure. I tolerated it well for several years. About two years ago I had some other stresses in my life that triggered the T and it really got a lot worse. Almost intolerable. I spent a year getting back under control. I tried neuromonics, meditation, acupuncture, drugs, alcohol, sound masking, psychiatry. Some helped, some did not. I did finally get things back to where they were and consider myself to be a success story. I am here to share my info with anyone who needs help.

      More info:
      I have tried several techniques and strategies to try and deal with T. Some have helped a little, some a lot and some not so much. I have seen three different ENTs, two audiologists, a neurologist and a shrink. I have had several audiograms an ENG(electronystagmogram) and a brain MRI. My T was caused by loud noise exposure. I have minor high frequency hearing loss in my right ear. My T has a threshold level of 70db centered about 2/3 left of center. This means it takes about 70 db of noise to *begin* to cover up my T. Needless to say anything above 70 db starts to be painful. My T level fluctuates daily. Rarely I wake up and barely hear it and by the end of the day it can be screaming. Mostly it is just there somewhere in between the two extremes. Since the T started several years ago I have not had one minute of total relief from it. But I have learned to live with it. It is not the problem that it once was. I will be happy to give more detailed info on any of the remedies below. I hope this helps and good luck.
      Twice a week for 2 months. I don’t think it helped. I was desperate, under normal circumstances I would never consider acupuncture.

      Once a week, does it help? Yes! But massage helps everything, but only for the hour that I’m being massaged, after that no help.
      Every 2 weeks, My “hypno” turned into talk therapy and meditation lessons quickly. Did it help? Absolutely.
      Meditation, This helps me and is worth learning.

      Psychiatry/ Meds,
      My psychiatrist helped me immensely. He explained the body’s stress response to T. If you have not read up on “fight or flight” response and it’s affects on the body I recommend you do so ASAP. I was also worried about taking sleep meds nightly. He assured me the down side of no sleep outweighed the risk of taking the meds. He also prescribed Zoloft which I only took for one week but helped me brake the cycle of stress. Big help!

      Sound masking/enrichment
      I use it every night, all night. I spent a lot of time on this one and have found some great things. Huge help!
      I listen to music through my stereo speakers in the house all day every everyday. The upside is I have expanded my music library and musical appreciation immensely.
      Ear protection,
      I carry Erymotic earplugs (the best) with me any time I think I may be in a high noise environment i.e. restaurant, club, movie, live music. I wear Bose QuietComfort 15 noise canceling headphones when traveling by airline and any time I just want to “check out” and be alone and isolated.
      This is a long story, I will post my experiences later if there is interest. Long story short, I think it helped me at the time. I also have a workers comp award that paid for the whole thing. If I had to pay out of pocket I think with my knowledge at this time I would opt for a home made version and treat myself. Of course this is in hindsight and I would not have the knowledge had I not gone through the treatment.
      American Tinnitus Association (ATA),
      I joined, you should too.
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      Really happy for you Jim!

      If you have the inspiration at some point, you could share your story in more detail regarding the treatments you tried after the T worsened.

      I'd be especially interested in hearing what you thought of neuromonics (crazy expensive, but seems to help someones!) and what drugs you tried.

      I myself have somewhat of a hatred for snake oil tinnitus products, like those homeopathic nonsense (if someone believes in homeopathy, it's okay, but I really don't) products and some general multivitamins packaged in a clever tinnitus remedy box. Some of the vitamins might actually do good, but the way they are marketed, like a really big chance of reducing or completely eliminating tinnitus, that's just wrong.

      There are some supplements one might want to take immediately after noticing tinnitus the first time, and I'm planning on making a post about it if no one else beats me to it.
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      I will share my experience in detail a little later. I was desperate and tried some things that under normal circumstances I would never try. I'm with you on the snake oil. There are plenty of dishonest people out there with no conscience ready to take your money. I will post about neuromonics etc. soon.
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      Hello. My first time here. I want to tell you how I appreciate your posts. I am from the Philippines and I it has not been easy to find relief from my tinnitus, hyperacusis and hearing loss. Been miserable for a year now.
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      I promised Markku and update on Neuromonics several months back so here it is.

      My experience with Neuromonics

      My hearing loss and tinnitus were a result of noise exposure due to my former employment. I was able to get the Neuromonics treatment because of a workers comp award. I was just about at the end of my rope at the time so I paid out of pocket (about $5000) and hoped that I would get reimbursed for the costs of the treatment. I was eventually reimbursed so the treatment cost me nothing. I am often asked “did it work?, was it worth it?, would you do it again”? Here is my reply.

      Jan 2010
      I started with the Neuromonics treatment. Used it daily, sometimes several times a day for many hours. Wore it everywhere, driving, sitting reading, doctors office, watching tv, exercising, etc. etc. etc. Went in for monthly evaluations and counseling.

      Aug. 2010
      I have been using the Neuromonics device for about 6 months now. I recently went to my audiologist for a recheck. My T levels were significantly down across the spectrum. I was retested for frequency, volume and perception. The volume was down by about 30%. The frequency has changed a little to a more comfortable "hiss". The big change was in my "perceived" level of impairment. I went from about 90% to about 20-30%. This is measured by a questionnaire filled out by the patient. It is a measure of the patients "perceived" level of discomfort in response to about 20 questions. I have had many ups and downs in the level of discomfort but there is a general downward trend over time. So...does Neuromonics work? I'm not sure. Maybe my T would have decreased had I done nothing. I have tried everything that seemed reasonable to me in search of relief so it's hard to say what worked and didn't work. In my opinion, yes (see my update below) it has helped me significantly and it is a reasonable tool in the arsenal against T. I am wearing it as I type this entry.

      Jan. 2012
      I quit using the Neuromonics device around January 2011. I used it for about a year. I was quite desperate for some relief when I started using it. I think I now have a little distance and more objectivity regarding it’s effectiveness. A year ago I would have said that I thought it worked for me. Now I think I could have achieved the same results without it. Although it did provide some hope and temporary relief via masking and counseling, I could have gotten the same effect from a couple of simple masking tracks on my iPod and some counseling from a knowledgeable person and time. The audiologist who administered the treatment was helpful with his reassurance and coaching. The whole neuromonics tracking system gives the appearance of some real sciency stuff going on. Lots of graphs and charts and comparisons with other patients. For most of us tinnitus goes up and down and the Neuromnics system has a way of convincing you that those fluctuations are a result of the treatment and they should have a downward trend over time. I did have improvement over time and have had continued improvement after I quit using it. I attribute those improvements to several other things. Bottom line is I don’t think it worked for me in the way their marketing would suggest.
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      07/26/1992...habituated after 2 years; 11/04/11 new outbreak

      thanks for sharing your history and assessment of neuromonics

      i struggle with the whole cause and effect thing...its very difficult to "know things"

      i have searched my mind and soul trying to identify what caused my spike in T last november 4

      and i struggle to try and understand why ...or how, i have horrendous days and then days that are not as bad...and rarely a darn half way decent day...what a puzzle

      your assessment of neuromonics is thoughtful

      mock turtle

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