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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by zimmy101b, Aug 20, 2013.

    1. zimmy101b

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      Conroe, TX US
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      Feb. 2013
      I recently developed tinnitus from exposure to loud noise. I'm here to find out as much as I can.
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    2. Markku

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      Just wanted to say hi to our newest member, so here I go: welcome!

      Hopefully you find the forum informative & friendly.

      Best wishes,
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    3. erik

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      Washington State, USA
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      04/15/2012 or earlier?
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      Most likely hearing loss
      Welcome to the best tinnitus site and people!
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    4. LadyDi

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      Florida, USA
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      Hey Zimmy
      Welcome! Check out the site, where you may find answers to the questions you have. And if you don't, ask your own and others will chime in. You also can come here. Yo are feeling low and just want to talk about how yo are feeling. Even the people who love us the most, and want to support us, can't really understand T if they don't have it. They can't hear our T and, unlike other conditions, we don't look any different than before. But it has changed our lives.

      Anyway, you will find the people here, especially our fearless managers and moderators and longtime members, super kind and helpful.
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