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      I wanted to introduce myself and finally join the community. I'm Cullen and my t starting a little more than a month ago. I have been a qtip user for a while and suspect that to be the culprit. I have always had itchy ears and was diagnosed with a outer and mid ear infections. Then I got hit with a flu which killed my sinuss and blocked my e tubes. Clogged ears made the t unbearable. I remember thinking I would prob kill my self if this didn't go away. The sinus cleared up slowly still have some water behind my ear. T has decreased but still gave me extreme anxiety. Because I was set and ready to attend the law school of my dreams but brvause of the t I had to to turn down my acceptance offer. One doctor said it's the t one said nothing was wrong and one said I agitated the nerves in the ear canal and e drum. He said it could take 3 months or more to heal. I'm slowly learning to cope. My ear is very itchy ear drum feels swollen and hot at times. Swollen lymph nodes in my neck and many symtpoms of tmd or tmj. Anyway I can honestly say xanax has made a huge difference for my anxiety and dealing with the situation. At first it made me really tired but now it makes calm and not tired. Sorry the post is so long I just wanted to getting this stuff out and I look forward to getting to know about youall better.
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