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      Just a quick introduction, i am 55 yrs old and live in St.helens,England. my tinnitus started suddenly on the morning of 25th Sept 2011 (it was a monday).the previous day i was riding my motorcycle on a protest ride on a local motorway called the M6. Some 2000 bikes had gathered and we were organised into groups of approx 50 and straddled the lanes riding at 40mph. Amongst my group was a very loud Harley which i found myself following immediately behind.After some 20 miles i remember pulling back from this Harley as it was getting rather annoying,little did i know the damage had been done. i have gone thru all the usual hearing tests,scans etc, and my hearing is fine,and nothing sinister was found.So it was more or less "learn to live with it". Easier said than done!.Anyway look forward to sharing any experiences with you all.Cheers.
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      Hearing test above 8000?
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      Bacterial virus
      Hi Paul you couldn't have found a better site/ forums to get on,the knowledge on here in regards to tinnitus I've never found anywhere else,always someone can give you answer/ answers or direct you where to look ,the follow related threads a bonus now.
      I'm sorry you've got T ,a day your never forget that motorbike protest ride,sad that ended for you has it has done.
      Glad your with all of us though,all understand T and problems that flash up in regards to this condition .
      Best of wishes to you

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