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      I have visited this site quite a few times but have never introduce myself.
      I first got tinnitus 7 years ago,i am almost certain it was caused by the anti inflammatory tablets Diclofenic,i was prescribed them for a painful shoulder,the high pitched ringing in my ear started after taking them for one or two days and even though i stopped taking them the ringing never went away.
      I never found the doctors to be much help was just told to learn to live with it.
      I must admit i got used to the ringing and it did not bother me too much,also i have never had any trouble sleeping.
      However about 6 months ago things did get worse as i developed a 2nd sound,i can only describe as a low rumbling sound,at first i actually thought it was the tumble dryer until i realised it was in my own ear.
      Also i would get a roaring noise and my voice sounded like an echo.
      the doctor thought it could be a bit of ETD,since then it has settled down and its mainly just the ringing noise,i was told i was borderline for needing hearing aids and i have now got them and they have been good,when i am wearing them i hear no tinnitus,although it is still there when i take them out.
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      I believe my tinnitus is getting worse as my hearing loss increases as well.
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      Hi @Voirrey, and welcome! So sorry your T recently got worse. Your situation sounds very similar to mine: I had a soft high ringing sound for years that didn't bother me too much, but about 5 months ago I developed several new louder sounds. They include a low rumble/drone/motor sound (that I too at first thought was something in my house), a roaring sound, and an echoey voice. Apparently the low sounds are not as common as the high ones, but some of us have had a "low frequency club" going for a while ... you can read through this thread if you're interested: https://www.tinnitustalk.com/threads/low-frequency-tinnitus.5522/

      I still don't have a diagnosis (and may never), but my ENT does want to try hearing aids with me at some point. I'm glad to hear that yours help ... that gives me hope.

      Take care,

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