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      If you are reading this then you are probably one of the sufferers like me.
      However i am new to this, my tinnitus only started around 2 months ago after a panic attack.
      It started for me 2,5 years ago when my neck started to feel weak.
      No explanation could be found for it and i just decided to life with it.

      Shortly before my tinnitus i had 3 panic attacks spread over several weeks.
      I have been checked in the hospital inside and out cardiology or neurology MRI's CT's all negative.
      So when my tinnitus started i was getting pretty worried i start to wonder what is next.
      I still need to go to an appointment with the audiology department and see what comes out of it.

      My tinnitus after some reading online and testing is usually a constant tone around the 11.000 hz range.
      Today i found out that if i play a 11 khz tone constantly for a short while then turn it off the tone is gone completely for about 1 or 2 minutes and then slowly comes back and intensifies.

      I started experimenting with ACRN the one from general fuzz but now i am actually hearing the tone fluctuate.
      Don't get me wrong i read there is no cure in most cases yet i am just experimenting to see if anything would help decrease the intensity sometimes.
      Not sure what all this means if anyone has any advice or experiences like me please leave a reply.
      Also a thank you to the forum/website creators i am happy i could find a place where i could find so much information.

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