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      This seems like a pretty good site and I'm glad there's a place online where people that suffer from tinnitus can share their experiences. It's hard to explain to people that don't have it.

      Kinda long, sorry about that.

      October 2008:

      I first got my tinnitus in 2008 after a really bad sinus infection and headache. I was supposed to go to the Phillies World Series parade the next day (that gives you an idea where I live haha) I did make it to the parade but the day after I noticed this high pitched sound in my left ear that would sync to the rhythm of my heart beat. I ended up going to my GP but he wasn't in. The physicians assistant was only available (mistake). She had me going deaf but did refer me to an ENT down the road. The ENT's office did the usual hearing tests which were perfect (I was not going deaf). He then interviewed and examined me. He told me I had unilateral pulsatile tinnitus and wasn't sure why it happened but that it could be many things and even that sinus infection I had. He gave me a bottle of Lippo-Flavenoids and told me to come back if anything changes but I'm going to have to find a way to live with it. Ughhh!

      December 2010:

      Well...I did find a way to live with it and researched ways in which other people dealt with it but everyone once in a while I would really notice it and get annoyed and frustrated. Fast forward 2 years. I did a search on tinnitus and The head and neck dept of Jefferson Univ Hosp came up specializing in among other things tinnitus...PERFECT! I'll make an appointment. After waiting for a considerable time and experiencing a fire drill at the doctors office which did not help my ears the Dr. ENT/neurotologist finally saw me. I did do another hearing test which came out perfect…Oh the first ENT did order an MRA which came out clear and I gave this Dr. the disk from that. He finally examined me did the dual stethoscope thing and didn't hear anything and basically told me that it could be a very small obstruction near the ear that could be doing it (if I pressed my finger against my cheek bone it would stop) or the blood pressure in my head could be higher than the rest of my body. He said those things could be tested but they are very invasive tests. One requires going through the groin and the other could possibly cause a stroke. I forget what the procedures are called. He said it was up to me to have them done it depends on how bad the tinnitus was interfering with my life. I opted NOT to have the tests done. I could find a way to live with it so I did. It only really bothered me at night when going to bed so I mask it using and app on my iPod and alarm clock radio. It worked well.

      September 2012/present:

      In Sept of 2012 I got some jaw pain (near the ear) and my ears started to feel stuffed/clogged (esthetician tubes). I would also feel "out of it", tired and a bit uneasy or dizzy. Even weak in arms and legs. Fortunately I had a yearly physical and I told my doctor. All blood tests urinalysis were clear he prescribed some nose spray and an over the counter antihistamine. I did use this nose spray 2 years prior for clogged ears so he thought it was the same thing. I got itchy from the antihistamine but the nose spray seemed to help after about 2-3 weeks. These feelings would come and go and I ordered a Lyme test and the Dr. ordered additional blood tests (thyroid etc…) All was clear and he gave me referrals to an allergist as well as a sleep specialist. This is where I stand now as I have not seen these Dr's yet. Over the holiday's it seemed to feel worse. One night a headache woke me up which never happened to me before. Felt better when standing. I finally took Advil and it went away. The next day I felt pretty good although tinnitus was still there. Returning to work (I teach) I had a huge headache at the end of the day but was probably over tired plus noisy kids which can make tinnitus worse. The tinnitus is in both ears and way more persistent. And today as I write this I don't really notice the tinnitus with the background noise but feel a bit weak and uneasy.

      It's hard to deal with when your not sure what's going on. If there was some kind of diagnosis it would help and maybe I could do something more for it. I've read (probably too much) all the possibilities from Lyme, brain tumor, Meniere's, a virus or infection, esthetician tube dysfunction, allergies, coffee allergy, sleep apnea, anxiety and the list goes on. All problems seem to start with my ears and head but not always and could clear up for a few days, weeks and then come back. I work out and always prided myself on being healthy. Very frustrating!

      So, that's my tinnitus story so far…
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      Most likely hearing loss
      Hi Mike and welcome to Tinnitus Talk. Yes, tinnitus is a frustrating condition and unfortunately for most of us, we may never know the exact cause. And like you, many of us go through all the standard testing to rule out the more serious stuff but then we are left with no real clear cut answers to why we have this. So just know you are not alone in that regard. Though we may never know the exact cause, whether it be noise trama, stress or due to some other reason, I think once you can accept it, it will help you move on to habituating it which it looks like you have done in the past. I know that people who have habituated in the past, can habituate much sooner, if they ever have any type of change in their tinnitus status.

      To me, the cause is no longer important to me as I have spent 8 months exhausting every possibility and I have it now and cannot control that aspect. What I can control is how I choose to react to it or not react to it. I can control how healthy I want to be. I can control what I want to do in my life and then I do it, regardless of what my T has to say about it.

      I also know that their is some real promising research with new medications in the pipeline and treatments like rTMS so I am hopeful of a successful treatment down the road.
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      Thanks erik, I guess my frustration comes from the change in this. After 4 years I was pretty well habituated to my pulsatile tinnitus to the point where I rarely noticed it. The more recent issue I've had is stuffy/clogged ears, ear pain/headache and tinnitus in both ears. I believe the tinnitus now might be a symptom of something else going on with me, but I have to find out hence the Dr's appointments I've set up. This is different than what I've experienced before. I can almost deal with the tinnitus part of it (I'd rather not) but the stuffy ears and pain is something different.

      I know I'm not alone and that is reassuring this site seems to be a good outlet for that. Even if we're just commiserating. I'm hopeful for new treatments as well and this site seems to have much more info on research and treatments than other sites...which is also good.
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      Hello there Mike,

      I've read your story and have been wondering - you have headaches, pulsatile tinnitus, you have no hearing loss. Have you tested in what condition is your spine? One ENT doctor I have visited (a tinnitus researcher) claims that spine problem may be one of the most common causes of non-noise-related tinnitus. Spine deformity obstructs the bloodflow in the head, insufficient supply of oxygen causes damage in ears and causes tinnitus. He backed it up with a large study in Poland that revealed that almost ALL of tinnitus patients without history of noise trauma and little to no hearing loss had a some degree of spine deformity. I myself have spine problems and it's one of possible causes of my tinnitus.

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