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      I am a newbie to this great platform of support for Tinnitus sufferers. My tinnitus started about 3 weeks back (I am 32 yrs old). I hear a buzzing sound (low pitch) in both my ears that I am, most of the times, able to ignore. It feels more augmented at night while I try to sleep but has not impacted me in getting to sleep ( I do not use any masking device). I also have a slightly higher pitch ringing sound in my right ear. I found out a week ago that when I clench my jaws, this higher pitch ringing sound disappears but comes back on when I release my jaws.

      I had an initial appointment with an ENT specialist who conducted some hearing tests. They came out normal with no loss of hearing. It is more of annoyance than an inconvenience at this point of time. The dr was of the opinion that I should try to ignore the sounds, give it some time and it should subside on its own. He also asked me to try heat packs on my jaw (TMJ relief?).

      I wanted to check if any one of you knew how I could confirm it is indeed TMJ that is causing my Tinnitus ( Maybe a second opinion from a TMJ specialist?). Any pointers towards TMJ relief/treatment would be helpful too!


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