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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Steven Blade, Mar 14, 2014.

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      Hi all-
      My name is Steve, I'm 38 and was just diagnosed with nose induced tinnitus today. It's been going on for a couple of months and at first I thought it was sinus related. Unfortunately, after going through the motions with my allergist and primary care doctor (who came up empty handed), I arrived at the ENT to confirm what I already knew and what they prepared me for. Noise induced tinnitus. I'm a drummer. Been playing since 5. I've been playing in rock bands and jazz bands my whole life. I like my band to sound good on stage and front of house and I like rockin out to my music whether on my iPad, car stereo or PA. Of course, I intentionally withheld all of this from the doctors so they wouldn't discount it to noise induced tinnitus- God forbid there is a more serious underlying issue. But the hearing test was the tell all......3K, 4K and 6K frequency suck outs in the left ear and 2K, 3K and 4K suck outs in the right ear. Classic, text book noise induced tinnitus according to the doctor. I didn't even have to tell him.

      So, I'm here. I'm good. I had the initial shock set in a coupe of weeks ago. Denial. Refusal. Panic. Fear. Anxiety. Will it go away? Will I go crazy if it doesn't? I feel I am strong enough to heal. My wife and children are with me. I'm ok physically......nothing is wrong. And after discovering and talking to folks close to me (friends, relatives, co-workers) that have lived with this most of their lives, the stress, fear, panic and anxiety has gotten much better..

      I'm having no trouble getting through the day. I am able to focus (I can still hear it) and accomplish tasks. No depression. I can sleep at night- once I fall asleep. I'm getting 6-7 hours of sleep so I feel I'm doing good. A little white noise goes a long way. One thing I've noticed- it roars at night time. Not because my surroundings are quieter. I have quiet in my office at work. I know what my tinnitus sounds like in the quietest environment. But for some reason at night, at home, on my couch, it roars which makes it difficult to fall asleep sometimes. And when I wake up in the morning, it's virtually non-existent. That's probably the only major challenge I'm facing now and the only question I have is: Will that get better over time as my brain adjusts? Also, I've been on prednisone for 4 days with 6 more to go to treat a chest cold that flared an asthma attack. I'm also wondering if the side effects of the prednisone are causing increased anxiety,excitement, blood pressure- all of which can increase the level of tinnitus.

      Anywho, I will continue to drum and perform. With ear plugs! I welcome any recommendations from any fellow rock stars out there and any advice, thoughts or tips from fellow tinnitus coping folks. I will pay it forward and offer any good positive help from my experiences to any fellow folks trying to cope.

      Best to all-
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    2. James
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      I enjoy music too Steve, being a hobby guitar player for decades, I learned young, and still play slow.
      Welcome to the forum. Sorry to read about your hearing loss, as you say. T- Sleeping was a big issue for me. After complaining to my Doctor, (sweet woman she is), she suggested - you need drugs, I agreed. Got some little pills too help me sleep. Some night they don't seem to work. Once I got the sleeping under control, back to the daily schedule, routine of life, coping with T. Stay busy, be engaged, and let that music live on. And I might add, lets both protect our hearing.
      It's a good thing you can sleep ok, if not see your doctor. Sleep is really important imo, for those with Tinnitus.
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      Happy for you.. Seems like your gonna be just fine with this T.. Not that you wouldnt want it to go away but i hope if
      Mine gets worse i can have the attitude you do.. And your only 3 monthes in yours could have all the time in the world to get better volume wise and even just coping more and more with it.. Seems youl get use to it much quicker and wont even notice it after a little while.. And deffinally love the fact your still gonna continue drums.. Im not there yet... But hopefully sooon :)
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    4. AUTHOR
      Steven Blade

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      January 2014
      Thanks folks- I've been dealing with it very well. It's still there and I'm accepting the fact that it may never go away and getting on with my life. I love my wife and children way too much to stop and blink for this small change. Nor am I gonna let it change the things in life I love to do- my job, music and sports to name a few. I pay very little attention to it during the day and I hear it at night when I'm relaxing and trying to go to sleep. I ignore it, have no trouble falling asleep and sleep soundly through the night. I've also eliminated the white noise I've been using to help me sleep and have been doing fine without it for a little over a week now. I've joined another forum for drummers and have been in touch with quite a few people on advice for proper ear plugs. I have been playing a few times a week and the foam plugs are serving the purpose for now. I will be upgrading to a set of musician's plugs in the very near future as a permanent solution.

      Thanks for the kind words and positive thoughts. It was very rough at first and this forum helped me turn that corner.
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