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      I just wanted to introduce myself and tell my tiny story.
      I developed T about three weeks ago during a nasty cold. My ear doctor believes I lost hearing due to fluid for a bit and that's when the T set in (hearing is perfect now).
      My T is pretty quiet (usually) but it is a really high pitched feed-back like noise, so when I do hear it, it's pretty bothersome (usually at night).
      I started a steroid pack yesterday, but haven't seen any results yet.
      My main issue is that I have had a lifelong struggle with anxiety and depression. I have a really hard time blocking out the T because it kicks my anxiety. I have read so many thread where you all talk about anxiety being a huge trigger for T, so I am hoping I can learn to manage my anxiety better.
      I have hope that this will lighten up or maybe even clear up on it's own. If not then I am optimistic that my body and mind will assimilate.
      I'd love to hear people's stories on how they manage their T and how it's changed or gotten better over time.
      I'm also really curious as to what some of your T sounds like to you!
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      Ear infection
      Do you take any medication for the anxiety?
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      not sure
      Welcome @MingMonster. Yes, it seems that having a prior history of anxiety and panic disorder and perhaps depression can contribute to the onset of T which doesn't like stress and anxiety. T can come from many reasons, but having stress and anxiety in life is often a big reason and I am one of them. I had this disorder for decades prior to T and then hyperacusis. My T is an ultra high pitch dog whistle, which I could hear above the jet noise in my last 2 flights and above the roaring rapids of the salmon rivers I fish. My H was so severe initially that all normal sounds seemed too loud and were piercingly hurtful to my ears.

      The initial struggle was tough and I was in a mess physically and emotionally. But now I live a normal and absolutely enjoyable life. I even wrote my success stories like many other members. How I turned around my struggle from darkness to light? Well it is a long story and I list many points plus some mental imagery exercises. So for brevity I provide this link to it and hopefully it will help you in some way. Take good care of yourself and God bless.

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