Hello Guys, My Ears Are Mini Jets

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      Hello everyone, my name is Kristian.

      A little bit of backstory to give some information so maybe someone could give some recommendations on how to go from here on.

      I am a very anxious person, struggled with panic attacks for 4 years general anxiety and depression aswell (all self diagnozed...)

      Roll 2 months back i was playing my favorite game on my headphones when i suddenly got really sensitive to the game sounds and i started to feel PHYSICAL ear pain because of the sound (at this point i didn't have tinnitus), couple weeks from here the noise sensitivity started to get better and i was living the life again (jk i only play games)

      After going on one night again playing my favorite game i was awake for a long time and i decided its time to go for a bed, i closed my eyes and that moment: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
      My ears exploded... i started having panic attacks and i thought i was going to die.
      Anyway i pushed through it with multiple panic attacks and got to sleep. Right now i have to have decently loud backround noise to be able to sleep. (My hearing is very good i think, i don't struggle really hearing anything instead i hear everything and i have sensitivity to everyday sounds)

      I also feel physical pain in my ears, i haven't been to a doctor yet but i definitely will soon or i don't know what else to do.. i can see why suicide could be an option to some very extreme cases :(

      I thank you guys already for this place to exist, lets hope for us all to get better at some point and feel free to reply any helpful tips on how to go on from here or if you have had any similar experiences.


      E: Right now i think my tinnitus is the worst it has been and i am scared for my life. And if i'd have to self diagnoze i would say that my sound sensitivity seems to be hyperacusis
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      Welcome to TT. Members here understand your struggle as we had been where you are. So you are not alone. Don't panic. Your T is new so it can fade or go away. H is bad but many members including myself have our H faded over time. So give H some time but do protect your ears from loud sounds if not normal ambient sounds. Try to stay calm and positive, especially try to read many success stories to give you hope. Use the TT 'Don't panic' thread to use the masking sounds and its step by step advice. It may not hurt to try prednisone steroids as your T is very new. Have good sleep, drink lots of water, try take supplements like NAC, Magnesium, Zinc, B12, D3 etc. If you think you can't deal with T loudness and too anxious, you may want to get your doctors to prescribe benzos for temporary use to calm the nerves and hopefully reduce T level too. Take care and God bless.
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      Thank you for the positive feedback and recommendations, first of all i think i am going to book a doctors appointment, it may be possible that i have an ear infection.
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      Hi, Kristian, and welcome!

      I'm glad to hear that you're going to book a doctor's appointment. It is possible that you have an ear infection, that could be the cause or could be making the tinnitus worse. You could ask your doctor about prednisone steroids when you go for your appointment, as billie48 suggested.

      I am taking magnesium and NAC (N-acetlycistene), and I find that those supplements seem to help me. The magnesium helps with calming, and may also take a slight edge off the tinnitus, and the NAC helps protect one's ears from further damage. I'd recommend both supplements as worth trying.

      Also, I remember that when my tinnitus was new, I had ear pain, too, along with a feeling of fullness. However, both symptoms went away in time. I still have the tinnitus, but not the ear pain or the fullness.

      Good luck, and please update us on what your doctor has to say.

      Best wishes, and hugs,
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      Thank you Karen, even if its just the internet a little get well wish makes wonders.

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