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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Marcus Skye, Jun 6, 2019.

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      Meloxicam, Noise Exposure,
      My name is Marcus Skye. Nice to meet everyone. At week 11 now after likely NSAID (meloxicam), possibly noise induced tinnitus. Progress Notes:

      I've had CT-Scans, Blood tests, Allergy tests, MRIs, and Ultrasounds since this came about in March and was hoping for a physiological explanation but so far such has eluded me. I likely have ototoxic drug and noise induced nerve damage and the associated phantom limb syndrome of tinnitus. I did find out I have a nodule on my Thyroid but was told it is likely congenital and not associated with the tinnitus. I have no symptoms of illness and am in excellent health except for a 45 year old back that aches occasionally.

      In the mornings my tinnitus is loud. Since I can't hear the tinnitus over the shower, nor in my sleep, I battle between getting up quickly for a shower and going back to sleep. The morning of my quietest wake up, I'd gone surfing the evening before and slept like a rock, so I will be exercising more as I have time.

      Reading about success stories and emerging therapies in these forums is very helpful. I also tell my friends and family about the tinnitus, and as a result I've learned that others I care about have this. I take vitamin supplements daily and meditate which helps my mood but honestly doesn't seem to do too much for the ringing. I'm hoping to get better over the next few months, but realize it may be a long haul, a lifetime condition. One day at a time...

      I write in these forums when I'm having a rough day, so THANK YOU to those who run this site.

      Good luck and stay strong, everyone!

      -- Marcus
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      Loud noise exposure and excessive ear irrigation
      Hi Marcus, welcome to the forum!

      My tinnitus was life threatening when I first got it. Not even the shower can mask it. After 8 months or so, my T eventually got better. Although I still got times where it spike up to the unmaskable level, it doesn’t stay at that level for as long as before. I also get more light T days. So T can get much better as the ears heal slowly. You are only at 11 weeks so I think it will eventually happen for you too!

      Take care!
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