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      Hello, my name is Veronica and I'm from México, I like movies, music, videogames, cooking and I love plants and animals!. I've had tinnitus from a little more than 3 years now in both of my ears, I would say sometimes the sound is in my head instead of my ears but my evoked potential suggested that the issue is with the inner ear ( and not my brain) a cortipathy specifically (I'd have to goggle some terminology latter because english is not my mother language. I apologize!).

      I do have hyperacusis and misophonia to some degree, not all the time not with every sound but it happens. It isn't that bad now, I can even sleep without any aid (15-20dB). Anyways my mental health had always been a mess, I've a bipolar disorder and you know, I try my best but it is hard. I don't know why I got tinnitus I had an ear infection and the buzzing started so I went to the doc and got antibiotics... The infection was gone but not the buzz and its still here almost 4 years latter. First year was hell, I wanted to die everyday. Now I can say I manage. It's frustrating how you have to give up your life to a disease (tinnitus is super exhausting sometimes) the things to gotta adapt to, the medical check ups, the poor mental health, plus the everyday struggles but definitely I learned to take better care of myself in every sense and I want to learn...

      If anyone needs help with tinnitus or mental health issues and want to share experiences please hit me up. ✌
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      @-arsenic. - Welcome!
      Thank you for your testimony. I hope you get better with time. Bipolar Disorder adds another layer of complexity to the difficulties of Tinnitus.
      Good luck!
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      not sure
      Thanks for your positive and upbeat post despite your tremendous health challenges. Your overcoming of these challenges and the willingness to help those in suffering is admirable. Do stay around to support where you see there is a need for your experience with tinnitus and mental health. At some point when you are ready, you can also post a success story which will stay forever in the Success Stories Forum for all future sufferers to read and find hope. Thanks and welcome again.
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      loud noise and very bad sickness
      You seem to be doing ok. Your positive attitude is what helps you live your life. Tinnitus can be quite difficult, for some it may fade/go away....for others it can stay and even get louder. Having that positive mindset is vital to coping and living our lives. Keep up the good work and keep moving forward :)
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      You are one very brave Lady, so positive in the face of all this going on.
      Very well done, and very best wishes,
      Jazzer xx

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