Hello, New Here! First I Had Humming, and Now High-Pitched Static and Ringing

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Helsebub, Oct 3, 2019.

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      Hello, I'm new here and new to tinnitus.

      6 weeks ago my left ear felt blocked and earache, I also felt a bit flu like, taking paracetamol made me feel better so went to GP who said my ears were completely compacted with wax. Had them syringed and all symptoms went away.

      A week later I had a severe sore throat and the next morning woke up and same ear was blocked again and I could hear a low level hum.

      Over the next few days I felt so unwell and the humming became louder. Went to the doctor who said the ear was healthy and I probably had a viral infection and ETD. I was given antibiotics and a nasal spray.

      The humming was 24/7 and a week later a high pitched static noise joined it.

      A few days later the low level hum went away and now I still have the high pitched noise with a hissing sound.

      Now 4 weeks of ringing. My ear finally started to unblock yesterday and now the ringing is louder! I was hoping it would quieten when it unblocked but now it feels like I can feel the sound vibrating in my ear. It's really getting to me now :( Any advice would be appreciated.
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      loud noise and very bad sickness
      Hi there,

      welcome to the forum! I'm sorry that you are going through a bad patch.
      It happens to all of us, when we get sick it can possibly affect our ears and make them worst. Do give it some time to recover from your illness, it's never easy when our ears ring loud.

      Lots of good people are here to support you, do take it easy on yourself. Possibly make use of some sound enrichment at low volumes, this helps the brain hear another noise besides the tinnitus. All of us pull for each other, you are not alone and again welcome to the forum :)
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      not sure
      Welcome to the forum. Agree with fishbone above that it may take some time for the ears to heal. Some say 6 months and 18 months but individuals may vary. So hang in there. Use masking if the high pitched ringing bothers you such as rain waterfall or cicadas sounds or any high pitched masking tunes. Good luck. Take care. God bless.

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