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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by adam2525, Feb 13, 2013.

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      My names is Adam and I live in London in the UK.

      New here, but not new to tinnitus. I've had tinnitus for 10 years or so. It started out of the blue. I woke up one night, heard this sound in my ear and the rest is history.

      Over the years I've tried accupuncture, cranial osteopathy, hypnotherapy, healers, tai chi, meditation, herbs and a bunch of other stuff that I've forgotten. None of this helped at all.

      I participated in a course of MBCT (Mindfullness Based Cognitive Therapy). That helped a lot...but not enough. it helped with my fear of loud places and loud sounds. It helped with my anxiety and depression. I also think it helped with dealing with spikes.

      I think I'm in a better place now than before the MBCT. However I have a long way to go. I still have major issues with long spikes, increased sounds and new noises, though I deal with them better than I used to. Though thats not difficult. Before I didn't really deal with them at all. I was just in a state of anxiety, fear, anger, depression and sadness. In other words a total mess.

      I'm now doing TRT and I'm being fitted with ear instruments in a couple of weeks.

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      Welcome to the forum, Adam, and thanks for your comments. I've found this to be a no-nonsense site where I can relate to virtually everyone's posts, rather than just search aimlessly for relief as I've done the last couple of years. Looking forward to your input.

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