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      Hello everyone;

      My name is Joan, i'm 41 and i suffer of tinnitus (and mild hearing loss on high frequency) on the left side by the end of december 2008. Like for other people who suffer of this bastard phantom inside the head, i have tryed many medications and investigations without success in the first 2 years and after i accepted that there was nothing to do, except to do a sort of "brain training" to habituate fastest and get the problem in background. so i started 3 years ago the trt protocol with 2 wearable devices and external sound devices for the night.

      Now my problem: at the beginning my tinnitus was a clear tone around 6khz on the left ear. After 2 years of trt protocol (including consueling) i started to hear a new tinnitus on the right side. It was very low but with the time is worsening and now i have 2 different tinnitus. Sometimes is a tone and in a few of hours they switch on completely different tones like: "shhhhhhhh" or "fsssssssss" "uiuiuiuiiuiiiii"or the same tone of maskers device (white noise) sometime pulsatile. Most frequently they change lateralization and tone. I did another mri of cervical and skull without evidences of vascular problems. So now i'm in trouble because i'm angry about the use of all those expensive devices without any relief.... instead i developed another louder tinnitus on the right side who come and go.

      How i can contact the Dr. Nagler?

      Someone had same experiences?


      I would abandone the trt protocol but after i don't know what i can do and now i have fear of don't be able to cope with those beasts.



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